Shredded Cheese From Miyoko’s and Other Vegan Products Coming in 2020

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Vegan living isn’t just having a moment—it’s taking over. The meatless market is expected to be worth a reported $5 billion by 2020, with a 600% increase in folks in the U.S. who say they’ve gone vegan within the last three years.

It’s no wonder, then, that 2020 is shaping up to be the most impressive year for new vegan products yet.

To help you get as excited as we are, we’ve rounded up some of the products we’re most eager to try. Take a look!

Dairy-Free Cheese, Plant-Based Butter, Vegan Yogurt, and More

Some of our favorite dairy-free brands are bringing their A game in 2020. For example, Miyoko’s is ringing in the new year with a Garlic Parm Oat Milk Butter that looks good enough to eat with a spoon. The vegan creamery company will also debut new shredded cheeses as well as cultured cheddar- and pepper jack–style blocks, which we can’t wait for.

The vegan sour cream scene is about to explode with new options, including from Simple Truth Organic, Forager Project, and Ripple. Riot Eats is unleashing organic butter sticks while Milkadamia will unveil a new buttery spread—both are sure to enhance any vegan baking experience.

Meatless Meats

Wild.Skinny.Clean. is unleashing some exciting new vegan (and gluten- and soy-free!) products, including plain, breaded, and coconut-battered varieties of “shrimp” as well as crab-less cakes.

new vegan products

Sweet Earth Foods is also upping its game with some Mindful Chik’n Strips and an animal-friendly Awesome Burger.

Tofurky is hopping aboard the vegan burger train, too, with an option that “may attract hungry neighbors into your yard.”

Prepared Meals and Entrée Fixins

You may have heard us sing the praises of PETA Business Friend MozzaRisella’s plant-based cheeses—soon, you’ll be able to enjoy organic microwaveable meals like lasagna with vegetables, mac ‘n’ cheese, tagliatelle with mushrooms, spinach and cheddar panzerotto, and tomato and basil pasta.

new vegan products

Other heat-and-serve meals to look for in 2020 include Macsween’s Scottish Veggie Crumble and Foodies’ Vegan Frittata Tomato Basil.

Alpha Foods’ new Buffalo Chik’n vegan pizza has us pretty excited, too …

… as does CAULIPOWER’s Sweet PotaTOASTS, and Siete Foods’ Grain Free Tortillas and new enchilada sauces are also sure to satisfy your taste buds while helping to save animals.

Vegan Desserts

Love Skittles and other fruit-flavored candies? Try YumEarth Organic Giggles—they’re vegan and organic.

Coffee Creamer, Ready-to-Drink Lattes, and More

Bottled vegan coffee drinks are all the rage. Blue Bottle is debuting an exciting new oat milk version that we’re pretty excited to try. Elmhurst 1925, which ditched dairy and went vegan in 2017, is also getting in on things with a new Golden-Milk Oat Latte.

new vegan products

And we can’t wait to try Picnik’s keto-friendly vegan creamer.

Vegan Snacks

Vegan jerky is in great demand, and we’re all about the latest version of the popular snack: watermelon jerky. Rhythm Superfoods—which we know and love for its kale chips—will offer chewy Organic Watermelon Slices, too.

We’re also pretty stoked to get our hands on the brand’s cauliflower bites—the perfect organic, healthy afternoon pick-me-up.


These are only some of the exciting new vegan products hitting store shelves soon. As more kind consumers continue to ditch animal-derived ingredients in their food and personal-care products, brands are left with no choice but to adapt and meet the growing demand for vegan and cruelty-free options. Remember, opting for vegan and cruelty-free products means that you’re helping to save lives and the environment—so get shopping!

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