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Get Vegan Groceries Delivered to Your Door With These Great Services

Going vegan is becoming so popular that it has morphed into a full-blown revolution. It’s no wonder, since being vegan has such a positive impact on animals, the environment, and your own health. In response to this revolution, brands are working to provide new products, while restaurants are offering more and more vegan menu options. We were thrilled to find that there’s also a hearty selection of online vegan grocery delivery services ready to deliver your favorite vegan goodies.

Check out some of our favorite online vegan grocery delivery services:

BESTIES Vegan Paradise

Los Angeles–based vegan grocery store BESTIES Vegan Paradise offers local delivery and nationwide shipping for tons of delicious vegan products.

The Vegetarian Site

The Vegetarian Site, a PETA Business Friend, offers 100% vegan shopping with its extensive selection of foods, supplements, personal-care products, footwear, belts, and other items. We love checking out the site’s section for new vegan products and fun seasonal treats.

The Vegetarian Site


This PETA Business Friend was created when two passionate vegans simply couldn’t find all the tasty, cruelty-free products they loved at one grocery store. Running across town for favorite vegan items can get tiring (and expensive), so NoPigNeva makes it easy to shop for plant-based products at great prices, all conveniently delivered to your door. Customers love its wide selection of hard-to-find foods, making it one of the most exciting ways to shop vegan online.


Groceries, Gourmet Meals, and a Giant Greenhouse: Canadian brand PlantX is gracing the U.S. with a store straight out of your vegan fantasy. The building is complete with a floor-to-ceiling glass greenhouse and a café that serves organic coffee beans. There’s even an education center for young and old alike to learn more about the benefits of going vegan.

In the grocery aisles, you can shop for pantry essentials and premade meals from a top chef in Los Angeles. And it gets better—everything in the store can be delivered to your door. Looking to shop online? Visit PlantX’s website for easy access to vegan eats and (of course) real plants, from succulents to Japanese bonsai.

Plant Based Grocery

Plant Based Grocery specializes in small-batch vegan companies, so it’s the place to go if you’re looking to try unique gourmet goodies. You’ll also find basic pantry staples along with cute vegan pins, tees, and stickers. Plant Based Grocery offers contactless local delivery in the Dallas area as well as nationwide shipping.

Vegan Questt

Courtney Hollinquest created Los Angeles–based Vegan Questt with the mission of helping people go vegan. Customers can choose from eight “packs” that are curated by Vegan Questt to help introduce them to new vegan ingredients and flavors. Each pack has a different theme: Fairfax Fruit, Valley Veggies, Del Rey Dairy, Pasadena Protein, Malibu Munchies, Slauson Sweets, Beverly Beverages, and Pantry Essentials. The packs are delivered to your door the day after you order.


VEDGEco is the perfect place to find all your favorite vegan foods in bulk—and have them all delivered to your door. This wholesale store started in Hawaii and has expanded its online distribution to the continental U.S. Buying food in bulk can save a ton of money, especially for larger families, and VEDGEco’s service makes it super-simple. It’s also a great way to try out new vegan brands that may not be commonly available at a standard grocery store.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market’s huge selection can be filtered by values, so choose the “Vegan” filter and fill your cart with all the delicious vegan goodies. It sells staples like spices, flour, and rice alongside vegan snacks, makeup, and even wine.


Hungryroot combines meal prepping and grocery shopping in one super-easy package. Choose the vegan option when taking the quiz, decide how much of each meal you need for the week, and leave the hard part to Hungryroot. It will select groceries for you based on your preferences and give you recipes to help inspire you to create delicious, healthy meals.

Imperfect Foods

You can help fight food waste when you sign up for Imperfect Foods’ vegan grocery delivery program. In addition to fresh produce, you can add vegan pantry and refrigerated items, including vegan cheese, butter, and breakfast sausage.


Instacart delivers groceries from local stores—such as Target, Whole Foods, and others—in just two hours. Search options for vegan, organic, and nondairy foods also help make shopping easy.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon offers thousands of vegan products through, AmazonFresh, and Prime Now, including popular brands such as Amy’s Kitchen, Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods, Earth Balance, Primal Strips, and Silk. A “Vegan” store is listed under “Specialty Store” on the AmazonFresh storefront.


Three deliciously vegan Hodo products were recently added to FreshDirect: Sichuan Mapo Tofu, Five Spice Tofu Nuggets, and Thai Curry Tofu Nuggets. Yum.

Vegan Organic

Love that #OrganicLife? Then Vegan Organic is for you. They sell a wide range of organic products and foods, and will ship to anywhere in the U.S. is a series of Los Angeles–based brick-and-mortar stores that deliver groceries the old-fashioned way. Perfect if you’re in a pinch, groceries will arrive at your door in about 30 minutes.

Deja Vegan

Deja Vegan carries nutritious, healthy snacks for active individuals who care about animals and want to live a full life.


An online grocer and farmers market in the New York City region, OurHarvest has added a range of new vegan products, including Watermelon Road fruit jerky, Pipcorn, and KiiNOA snacks.

Vegan Essentials

An online classic, Vegan Essentials has been delivering vegan goodies since 1998, and it’s one of the original retailers of cruelty-free products.


Jet offers a “Vegan” food category for those looking for vegan items other than fruits and veggies.

Your Favorite Store

Stores such as Costco, Walmart, and Safeway have their own delivery services. Your favorite local store most likely offers a delivery service and carries many plant-based staples like tofu, milk, etc.

We don’t need meat or dairy “products” to thrive, and cows produce milk for the same reason that humans do: to nurture their young. Life is better for everyone when we leave anything animal-derived off our plates.

Going vegan will help animalsyour health, and the environment. Let your friends and family members know about the benefits of eating vegan by ordering a free vegan starter kit for them:

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