Published by Emily Savage.

In a pinch, vegan kale chips are my go-to snack. They’re crunchy and come in a variety of flavors, just like the traditionally celebrated potato version. But kale chips boast their own distinct vitamin-packed leafy green goodness, which makes them a super-snack. Here are my top store-bought options for everyone’s favorite leafy green:

Rhythm Zesty Nacho Organic Kale Chips

Sunflower seeds, tahini, and lemon juice—an unexpected flavor combo dresses these crispy nacho-flavored kale pieces, but somehow it works beautifully. The best part is that these creamy, zesty chips are completely free of milk, which is stolen from playful, loving cows. We also can’t get enough of the Kool Ranch flavor.

Brad’s Plant Based Radical Ranch Kale Chips

Brad’s flavor-packed kale chips come in an easy-to-save, resealable bag—not that they last longer than one sitting—and are available in other punchy varieties, such as Nacho and Vampire Killer (garlic and vegan cheese).

Alive & Radiant Organic Kale Krunch

Alive & Radiant offers a variety of options, including its popular Southwest Ranch and Cheezy Chipotle flavors, both cow-friendly because they’re made with cashews instead of milk.

Awesome Foods Italian Kale Chips

These dehydrated kale chips are coated in a pumpkin seed–based seasoning with oregano, rosemary, basil, and other herbs and spices. Add them on top of your favorite vegan pizza just out of the oven and you’ve got a dreamy combination.

Slow Foods Kitchen Salt & Vinegar Kale Chips

Your favorite potato chip flavor just got a nutrient boost—these salt and vinegar kale chips are tangy, crunchy, and everything you want from your midday snack.

If you’re nowhere near a professional kale-chip dealer, you can always make your own at home. And we’ve got the easy recipe for them here.

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