Published by Addie Mauldin.

Remember when Beyoncé announced to her 112 million Instagram fans that it was “Vegan Time”? Well, the nutritionist behind her decision, Marco Borges, joined PETA to create simple and inexpensive recipes from his program 22 Days Nutrition. Why 22 days? Studies show it takes 21 days to form a habit, so trying recipes like these and following his plan will kick-start your compassionate new life. Not only does every vegan save nearly 200 animals a year, going vegan also vastly reduces your “ecological footprint.” And with the climate crisis becoming more dire every day, there’s no time like the present to get started on your vegan journey. You can help save the planet, money, and animals by eating delicious and inexpensive vegan meals, such as Borges’ Berry Overnight Oats Crumble Cup, for under $3 per serving!

Watch Borges’ exclusive recipe videos below, featuring his adorable sous-chef Not a Nugget, and follow along at home.

Wake up feeling like Beyoncé—even on a Monday—with this vegan Berry Overnight Oats Crumble Cup:

Feel nourished and full with this vegan Squash and Quinoa Bowl with creamy dairy-free Lemon Cashew Dressing:

You might already have the ingredients in your pantry for this quick and vegan Pasta Puttanesca with Summer Squash:

Eating meat, dairy, and eggs is bad for you and causes billions of animals to endure miserable lives on farms and violent deaths in slaughterhouses every year. Make your cuisine more compassionate by trying a vegan meal plan at Hungry for more delicious animal-free food? PETA has hundreds of free vegan recipes to inspire you.

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