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It’s time for a vegan pizza party, because UNO Pizzeria & Grill is serving some tasty new animal-free Italian classics, including delicious, customizable vegan pizzas, complete with Daiya cheese and tons of delicious toppings, as well as a Beyond Burger and the new Zoodles Primavera for a light and fresh option. Cows on dairy farms endure a lifetime of torture before being sent to the slaughterhouse. No animal should be exploited or killed for food, especially when it’s so easy for restaurants to make anything with vegan ingredients. The pizza powerhouse is living up to its motto of “Love All, Feed All” by offering animal-free options to its vegan and soon-to-be vegan customers.

Uno Pizzeria Vegan Menu Options© PIZZERIA UNO CORPORATION

Here are the vegan options at UNO Pizzeria & Grill:

Zoodles Primavera

For this dish, homemade zucchini noodles are sautéed with marinated artichoke hearts, wild mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spinach, olive oil, and garlic. It’s all topped with fresh basil and parsley.

UNO Pizzeria Zoodles Primavera© PIZZERIA UNO CORPORATION

Cheeseburger Pizza

This pizza comes with crumbled Beyond Burger, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and onions. Make it vegan by asking for vegan cheese.

vegan cheeseburger pizza uno pizzeria© PIZZERIA UNO CORPORATION

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Garden Pizza

A thin-crust pizza topped with UNO’s original pizza sauce, roasted veggies, spinach, and cherry tomatoes.


Vegan Cheese Pizza

Start with housemade pizza sauce and vegan cheese on a thin crust, and you can add more veggie toppings to your heart’s content!

vegan cheese pizza uno pizzeria© PIZZERIA UNO CORPORATION

Classic Beyond Burger

This delicious burger features a patty from our friends at Beyond Meat.

Uno Pizzeria Vegan Beyond Burger© PIZZERIA UNO CORPORATION

Note: These options are available nationwide, except at UNO’s two Chicago locations.


Since so many restaurants like UNO Pizzeria & Grill are offering tasty vegan options, going vegan is now easier than ever. To get started, order PETA’s free vegan starter kit to receive tips, recipes, and insight that will help you go vegan with ease.

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