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The grocery chain giant Kroger has many different stores across the U.S., including Ralphs, King Soopers, Owen’s, and Food 4 Less, to name a few. So it should come as no surprise to find that they have quite the variety of dairy-free cheese products. Here are our top nine favorites. If any of these products aren’t available at your location, submit a form to ask Kroger to spread the love and carry them at your store, too.

1. Miyoko’s Creamery Fresh Mozzarella

Perfect for a fresh caprese salad or veggie wrap, Miyoko’s fresh mozzarella perfectly mimics dairy cheese, without the needless suffering.

2. Treeline Treenut Cheese

If you’re craving a fancy French-style vegan cheese, look no further than Treeline. Find both the Scallion and Herb-Garlic flavors on refrigerated Kroger shelves.

3. Follow Your Heart Bleu Cheese Dressing

For dipping your favorite Buffalo vegan chicken or topping off a rainbow salad, Follow Your Heart has dairy-free Bleu Cheese dressing without the mold found in dairy bleu cheese.

4. Simple Truth Cream Cheese

Kroger has released its own collection of vegan products within the Simple Truth brand, including a plain cream cheese. Hopefully, some other flavors are on the horizon, too!

5. Parma! Vegan Parmesan

You don’t have to consume the stomach lining of a baby cow (rennet) to enjoy Parmesan. Kroger stores carry this brand in four flavors: Original, Chipotle Cayenne, Better Than Bacon, and Garlicky Green.

6. Daiya Shreds and Slices

Find Cheddar and American Style slices as well as Cheddar, Pepperjack, and Mozzarella shreds for the perfect addition to any grilled sandwich or pizza.

7. Nutritional Yeast (Nooch)

Kroger stores have a variety of nutritional yeast brands, including Simple Truth. They also carry brands like Bragg and Bob’s Red Mill. Nutritional yeast is the perfect popcorn topper or pasta sauce ingredient to add a savory, “cheesy” flavor.

8. Vegan Mac and Cheese

There’s a variety of vegan mac and cheese brands at Kroger stores, including Annie’s Organic Vegan Mac (in three varieties), Road’s End Organics Mac & Chreese, and Modern Table in Classic Cheddar or Southwest style.

9. Daiya New York Cheezecake

For a creamy coconut-milk dessert, find Daiya Cheezcakes in the freezer section of Kroger stores. You can get creative and top it with your favorite fruit, pie filling, or vegan whipped topping.

Buy Kroger Vegan Cheese and Save Animals’ Lives

With so many delicious vegan options, it’s no wonder that people are making the switch from dairy. When you choose products like Kroger vegan cheese, you’re telling the dairy industry that cow’s milk belongs to baby cows. Cows, like all other animals, are complex and deserve our respect. Did you know that cows form such intense relationships with their friends that they will shed tears if they become separated or die? They can recognize more than 50 members of their herd and value leaders who are selfless and curious.

Kroger vegan cheese saves cows

For more helpful tips on switching to animal-free eating, check out our simple vegan guide and order a vegan starter kit for yourself or a friend today.

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