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Don’t worry, nutritional yeast only sounds gross. It’s a deactivated yeast commonly used as an ingredient in creamy, dairy-free cheese substitutes and as a topper for foods like popcorn, pasta, and French fries. It’s fondly called “nooch” for short, and it’s in-freaking-credible.

Quick: Leave this tab open and run to the grocery store to buy some. You can continue reading this while you wait in line at the Redbox, only to realize when you make it to the machine that any movie you might possibly want to watch is not available to rent. But at least you can hear “Invisible” by Clay Aiken for the first time in eight years—grocery stores love that song.

Can vegans even eat yeast?

Yes, they can! They do! Yeast is not an animal. It’s a member of the fungus kingdom. Think of it like an adorable, tiny mushroom.

What all can you put nutritional yeast on?

What can’t you put it on–amirite? If you’re looking for ideas, we’ve got pages upon pages of noochy recipes.

“What’s that, dill weed? Noooo, we’ll totally hang out soon. I promise. I know, I miss you, too. Oh, getting a call. Gotta run, but we’ll definitely talk soon. K, byeeeee!”

How will nutritional yeast change your life?

Getting popcorn stuck in your teeth will become worth it.

You may actually buy a ticket to see a terrible movie just so that you can get some popcorn to slather with the nooch you’ve smuggled into the theater in that weird pocket on the inside of your coat.

Vegan mac and “cheese” will become your new boyfriend, and your parents will actually like him.

His name isn’t from the Bible and he’s vegan, but even the most traditional Midwest parents won’t be able to deny the unassuming charm and delightful table presence that nooch gives your new significant other.

“He has a drawer at your place? Is it getting serious?”

Everything you eat will automatically become a health food since the word “nutritional” is in the name.

Anyone up for a pizza cleanse?

OK, not really, but nooch does boast some impressive stats. A “complete protein,” nutritional yeast provides all nine of the essential amino acids that your body can’t make on its own. It’s also commonly fortified with vitamin B12, which makes it a double-win for vegans. A typical serving (just 2 tablespoons) contains 9 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. The best part? You’ll totally be using way more than 2 tablespoons.

You’ll be inspired AF to find other awesome vegan life hacks.

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