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Maybe you’re a seasoned vegan who loves cooking shows but can’t bear to watch animals’ bodies being chopped into pieces. Maybe you—like millions of others—are an omnivore looking to cut back on meat and dairy “products” and eat more delicious, 100 percent plant-derived meals. Either way, vegan cooking videos are everywhere online, and they’ll help you shake up your routine. We’ve combed the internet to find some of the very best vegan cooking channels out there today. Check out these channels to find great vegan recipes for any meal, any time of the year.

1. BOSH!

From appetizers to desserts, the all-vegan cooking channel BOSH! has your whole day covered. Check out just two quick examples of the type of content it offers:

Guacamole Onion Rings

No-Bake Raspberry Cheesecake

2. The Buddhist Chef

The Buddhist Chef can help you make vegan dishes in culinary styles from all over the world. Check out these examples to get an idea of the wide variety of recipes on this channel:

Chickpea Curry

Enchilada Lasagna

3. Carrots & Flowers

Carrots & Flowers makes great vegan versions of classic dishes such as fettuccine Alfredo and deep-dish pizza:

Easy Vegan Roasted Garlic Alfredo

Vegan Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza with Spicy Sauce

Also, be sure to check out the channel’s great holiday-themed meals, including a Thanksgiving Pot Pie and a Vegan Christmas Dinner.

4. Exceedingly Vegan

Ever wondered how to make your own vegan cheese at home using cashews? Check out this video from Exceedingly Vegan to learn how:

5. Hot for Food

Looking for a great vegan burger? Check out this video from the folks at Hot for Food, featuring a Grilled Cheese Burger and a Smoked Gouda Mushroom Chard Burger.

There are plenty of other dishes on Hot for Food, too, like this creamy vegan dip:

Vegan Spinach & Artichoke Dip


Who says we can’t toot our own horn? PETA videos bring in an average of roughly 2.75 million views per day, and a huge part of that success is attributable to our tantalizing vegan food videos. Be sure to follow PETA on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to catch our best vegan cooking videos, like this one (our most popular ever!):

7. So Vegan

If you like the videos on So Vegan’s page (and how could you not?), be sure to learn more about its upcoming cookbook.

Mushroom & Garlic Bread Swirls

Mango and Avocado Salad

Carrot Cake Doughnuts

8. Vegan Richa

Vegan Richa is a gold mine for vegan Indian dishes, but the channel offers plenty of other types of cuisine, too.

Bombay Potatoes and Peas

Spicy Crispy Kung Pao Cauliflower

9. BuzzFeed Tasty and Tasty Vegetarian*

BuzzFeed’s hugely popular cooking channels, Tasty and Tasty Vegetarian, regularly share vegan videos on Facebook. Millions of people see great animal-free recipes when these channels embrace #VeganFridays. Check out this video below, which features six tempting vegan recipes:

*Note: Not all videos featured on BuzzFeed Tasty channels are entirely vegan. If you spot a video on the Tasty or Tasty Vegetarian page that looks like a home run but calls for cow’s cheese or milk, you can easily swap out any animal-derived ingredients for one of the many readily available vegan beverages or cheeses.

We can all do our part to help animals and the environment by making conscientious decisions each time that we make a meal at home, head to the grocery store, go out to eat with friends, or take a vacation. The kindest, most effective choice that we can make is to avoid all foods derived from animals, including meat, eggs, and dairy “products.”

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