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It’s never been easier—or tastier!—to give your kitchen an animal-free makeover. Major health-food chains chock-full of animal-friendly fare are popping up everywhere, and mainstream supermarkets have become meccas for followers of meat- and dairy-free diets. The best part? With PETA’s shopping guide, you don’t have to strain your eyes!

You’ll find everything on your shopping list and lots more—from the obvious Tofurky Beer Brats and Lightlife meatless bacon to the “I can’t believe it’s vegan” Kraft Creamy Italian Dressing.

We can hardly keep up with all of the incredible new products, so always check your local grocery for the latest offerings.

Aisle 1: Baking

Aisle 2: Baked Goods

Aisle 3: Beverages

Aisle 4: Breakfast

Aisle 5: Condiments

Aisle 6: Produce

Aisle 7: Refrigerated and Frozen Foods

Aisle 8: Snacks

Aisle 9: Staples

Our Favorite Products

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