PETA Sends Letter to Idaho Attorney General Alleging False Advertising by Yellowstone Bear World

As poor reviews pile up from regretful Yellowstone Bear World customers who felt tricked into supporting this awful business, PETA fires off a letter.

The Fatal Consequences of Cub-Petting Operations

Multiple incidents in April 2024 laid bare the dangerous—and even fatal—consequences of normalizing direct encounters with bears.

After 2 Kodiak Bears Escaped From a Florida Facility, PETA Penned a Letter

Allegedly unlawful activity led to the escape of two Kodiak bears from a Florida property. Find out how PETA’s urging authorities to take additional action.

5 Ways Bear Country U.S.A. Is a Nightmare for Animals

Birthing season is rapidly approaching for the bears held at Bear Country U.S.A. Learn how you can help stop future generations from suffering at the facility.

Meet Cats, Dogs, Goats, Chimpanzees, and Others PETA Helped Rescue in 2023

Take a look at 23 of the top animal rescues we helped carry out in 2023 and find out how you can help us do more great work for animals next year.

What Everyone’s Missing About Angela—the Standing Sun Bear at a Zoo in China

Heard about the viral video of a sun bear standing and “waving” in a Chinese zoo? Instead of focusing on whether she’s “fake,” PETA points to the real problem.

Decades of Cruelty to Animals at Waccatee Zoo End After Parties Settle Lawsuit

VICTORY: Waccatee Zoo’s decades of cruelty to animals are over! Find out why PETA settled a lawsuit against the highway hellhole.

Victory! Top Sponsors Pull Sponsorships of the Hadi Shrine Circus

Victory! Top sponsors have pulled their support of the Hadi Shrine Circus, which still uses elephants and other animals in its cruel acts.

22 Victories for Animals Exploited for Entertainment in 2022

PETA celebrated major wins for exploited animals in 2022, including a successful nationwide search for a chimpanzee and taking down a “Tiger King” villain in court.

Sunrise Side Owner James Svoboda’s License Permanently Revoked for Litany of AWA Violations

James Svoboda’s days of roadside exhibition are over! Discover how PETA helped animals he abused and learn how you can take action for others like them.

A Rescue for the History Books: PETA Rescues 72 Animals From Tri-State Zoological Park

In the biggest roadside zoo rescue in PETA history, PETA and animals won against Tri-State Zoological Park.

PETA Celebrates the End of USDA’s ‘Teachable Moments’

The USDA’s “teachable moments” proposed that there was a learning curve to treating animals humanely. PETA breaks down why this system was such a failure.

Forced to Perform, Bear Attacks Worker in Room Full of Children in China

An Asian black bear attacked a worker during an event in China largely attended by young children. Animal acts are dangerous for all and must end.

Feds Take Aim at Bearadise Ranch After TV Crew Feeds 300-Pound Bear

After receiving a tip from PETA, the USDA slapped Bearadise Ranch owner Monica Welde with a critical citation and an official warning.

How Many More Cubs Will Die Before Oswald’s Bear Ranch Shapes Up?

Oswald’s Bear Ranch didn’t rescue any bears in 2021. But the Michigan tourist trap did purchase cubs from animal dealers. Half of those cubs are now dead.

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