Sophie the Bear Cub: Was Her Start to Life Just as Heartbreaking as Her Oswald’s Bear Ranch Death?

After being confined on harmful concrete floors and used as a photo prop, Sophie was shot and killed after escaping Oswald’s Bear Ranch. But how did her life begin?

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Wildly Dangerous California Event With Live Bear Prompts PETA Call to the Feds

It bears repeating: Animals are not ours to use for entertainment. PETA has alerted the feds after a dangerous California event featured a live Kodiak bear.

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PETA Blows Whistle on Shady ‘Baby Animal’ Event in Which Bear Cubs Were Kept in Box

PETA is calling on the feds to investigate Idaho-based animal exhibitor Yellowstone Bear World after a recent “baby animal” event in Utah raised eyebrows.

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A ‘Public Nuisance’ for Humans, Hell for Animals: PETA Sues Pymatuning Deer Park

This notorious roadside zoo’s alleged mistreatment of big cats, lemurs, and other animals violates the Endangered Species Act, so PETA’s taking it to court.

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PETA’s ‘Pants on Fire’ Awards—10 Companies That Deceive Consumers

These companies are master manipulators, but PETA’s turning up the heat on each and every one of them with this year’s “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” Awards.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

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40 Years, 40 Wins—How PETA Helped Animals in Circuses and Roadside Zoos

For PETA’s 40th anniversary, join us in celebrating 40 major ways we’ve helped animals exploited by circuses and roadside zoos over the past four decades.

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WATCH: Bear Snaps at Handler Mid-Circus, Is Beaten With a Shovel

It’s not shocking that a bear would lash out after being beaten, and it’s appalling that animals are still being exploited and abused for entertainment in 2020.

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Appalling Visitor Reviews These Roadside Zoos Don’t Want You to See

Visitors, beware! Read these shocking reviews from disgruntled people who wish they’d never bought a ticket to a dingy roadside zoo.

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USDA Tried to Keep Its Failures Secret—PETA Helped Force Transparency

According to the statement that plaintiffs secured, it’s clear that the situation is dire for the millions of animals the USDA is supposed to protect.

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Victory! Virginia Passes Law to End Cruel Tiger Cub Petting Encounters

A new Virginia law will make public contact with some dangerous wild animals held in captivity illegal. This means an end to cruel cub-petting encounters in the Commonwealth!

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Los Angeles Gets It: Exploiting Animals Is Nothing to Celebrate


The Los Angeles City Council wants folks to enjoy their parties—but not at animals’ expense. Learn more about the way this ban will help bears and other wild animals.

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Goodbye, Tim Stark—Exhibitor License Is Now Permanently Revoked!

After losing a court case to PETA this week, the hits keep on coming for infamous animal exploiter Tim Stark.

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Dillan Was Rescued 6 Months Ago—It’s Time His Abusers Were Charged

Learn how PETA teamed up with Alec Baldwin and tens of thousands of our members and supporters to secure this rescue.

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VIDEO: Children Scream As Bear Charges Abusive Circus Trainer

A bear forced to walk on his hind legs and use a prop attacked a handler at a crowded circus—more proof that animals aren’t meant to perform pointless stunts for humans.

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Victory! Shriners Chapter Ends Use of Animals in Circuses

Shrine circuses are seeing that people don’t want to watch imprisoned animals do stupid tricks. Help us end all these abusive animal exhibits.

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