Nikki Glaser Makes SeaWorld the Punchline at Its Own Annual Meeting

Comedian Nikki Glaser is taking her wit to SeaWorld’s annual meeting to demand an end to the company’s cruel breeding practices.

On SeaWorld’s 60th Anniversary, Christopher von Uckermann Shares a Personal Plea

Ahead of SeaWorld’s 60th anniversary, Christopher von Uckermann shares a heartfelt plea for Corky the orca’s freedom.

4 Gifts Corky Hasn’t Had for 53 Christmases

Corky has missed 53 Christmases with family while being held captive in tiny marine park tanks. These 4 presents would mean the world to her.

Lolita’s Necropsy Report Released—Now Corky Must Be Released Into a Seaside Sanctuary

Lolita the orca’s necropsy report has been released, revealing multiple chronic conditions that led to her death. Learn why PETA’s making waves about it.

Corky’s Cause: Christopher von Uckermann Joins PETA to Call For Corky’s Freedom

Christopher von Uckermann joined PETA for a powerful demonstration calling for Corky’s release to a seaside sanctuary.

5 of the Top Animal Exploiters PETA Has Shut Down

Why isn’t PETA shut down? We wish we were—as it would mean that we had met our goal and that animals are no longer being exploited for human desires.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Makes a Passionate Plea to SeaWorld to Retire Corky!

Lala Kent asked SeaWorld to address a crucial matter close to her heart: the retirement of Corky the orca to a seaside sanctuary.

Forget SeaWorld—Visit These Places During Summer Break Instead

After nine months of homework, tests, and study sessions, you deserve to treat yourself to some summer fun. But there’s one place you should never go.

Is PETA Hypocritical for Doing This? Find Out the Truth About the Animal Rights Organization

Is PETA hypocritical? One tactic we use to save animals is buying stock in companies with cruel practices. So does it make us hypocrites if we hold a stake in the success of companies such as SeaWorld, H&M, and Starbucks? No, it definitely doesn’t, and here’s why: We’re not in it for the profits, if … Read more »

Paint Chips in an Orca’s Mouth, a SeaWorld Trainer Harmed, AND Dolphin Attacks?

Why were paint chips in an orca’s mouth at SeaWorld? How would that end up harming a trainer? PETA dives deep into this subject and aggression among dolphins.

Nakai’s Necropsy Shows Several Chronic Conditions Linked to Stress

After being kept in a barren tank for 21 years, Nakai died at SeaWorld without ever swimming in the ocean. His body tells us what life was really like there.

SeaWorld Just Secretly Shipped 24 Dolphins to Abu Dhabi

Learn the names and histories of the 24 dolphins SeaWorld just shipped thousands of miles across the globe.

Video: Dolphin Left Bleeding After Reported Attack at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld confines approximately 140 of these highly intelligent marine mammals to just seven small tanks and then feigns surprise when they lash out.

PETA Latino Holds Día de los Muertos Vigil for SeaWorld’s Victims

Check out PETA Latino’s provocative vigil for SeaWorld victims and the group’s three “ofrendas” for 500+ dead dolphins and whales this Día de los Muertos.

VIDEO: Eyewitness Reveals Bloody Attack of an Orca at SeaWorld San Diego

A visitor who witnessed the bloody attack of an orca at SeaWorld San Diego alerted PETA to the horrific incident. Take action for orcas!

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