Kate del Castillo to SeaWorld: Stop Sexually Abusing Dolphins

Imagine being immobilized and forcibly impregnated. That’s the reality for female dolphins at SeaWorld, so Kate del Castillo is calling the company out.

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VIDEO: Robotic Dolphins? The Invention You’ll Need to ‘Sea’ to Believe

A PETA-endorsed “swim with dolphins” event? Only with Edge Innovations’ ultra-realistic robotic dolphin! Catch Delle in action as she makes a splash with the public.

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Ripley, Believe It or Not, Has Been Languishing at SeaWorld Parks Since 1996

SeaWorld sees Ripley as just a dollar sign. It has hauled her around repeatedly, including from Florida to California to Texas. Now, 25 years later, she’s still trapped in a tank.

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From Coast to Coast, Students Call On SeaWorld to ‘Empty the Tanks’

With protests in Orlando, Florida; San Antonio; and San Diego, the youth-led group Students Opposing Speciesism let SeaWorld know it’s in deep water for keeping animals in lockdown for life.

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Is SeaWorld Bad? Check Out These Shocking Marine Park Facts

Learn more about the cruelty of marine parks and discover ways to help animals.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

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A Vet Visited SeaWorld for PETA—We Want the USDA to Investigate Her Findings

Animals with eye problems, tooth damage, rake marks, and zero enrichment are suffering in concrete tanks while SeaWorld exposes them and everyone else there to deadly disease.

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Beluga Whale, a Sexual Abuse Survivor, Victimized by SeaWorld (Again)

It’s the reminder no one needed: SeaWorld still sucks. For Luna, her unborn baby, and all the other victims of SeaWorld’s abusive practices—sexual or otherwise—please, speak up.

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Native American People Push to Rescue Lolita: “She Was Stolen”

Lolita was abducted from her homeland 50 long years ago. Here are the historic efforts from Native American elders to bring her home.


Dolphin Obituaries: What It’s Really Like to Live and Die at SeaWorld

At SeaWorld, Bossa, Lily, and Puka were used as breeding machines to create generations of dolphins confined to small concrete tanks for life. Now, all three are dead.

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VIDEO: Belugas Return to Sea for First Time Since Capture Years Ago

It’s official: Little Grey and Little White, two formerly captive beluga whales, have been moved from a Chinese marine park to a seaside sanctuary in Iceland.

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Lolita: 50 Years Ago TODAY, I Was Abducted From My Ocean Home


“It’s been 50 years since I was captured—five decades of a living nightmare. Please help me—on my next anniversary, I should be in a sanctuary, not the world’s smallest orca tank.”

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PETA Exposes SeaWorld’s Sexual Abuse of Dolphins

Despite having ended its wretched orca-breeding program, SeaWorld still sexually assaults other dolphins and whales. Help PETA end this now.

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A Robotic Dolphin to Replace Captive Ones? Sign SeaWorld Up

Dolphins used in “swim with dolphins” encounters live in misery. But these visionary designers are throwing exploited dolphins a lifeline—in the form of a robotic counterpart.

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If These ‘Nemeses’ Can Collab on Seaside Sanctuary, What’s SeaWorld’s Holdup?

If an Australian marine park can stop breeding dolphins and join forces with animal rights activists to build a seaside sanctuary, SeaWorld can, too. NO. MORE. EXCUSES.

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URGENT: Help Keep These Animal Abusers Shut Down Post–COVID-19

Animal exploiters are nonessential—the coronavirus pandemic proves that the world can keep on turning without the torture and killing of animals.

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