Motorcycles, Country Music, and Vegan Jerky

Motorcycle engines roaring, 2,000 bikers gathered to show off their rides, listen to country music … and chow down on some vegan “beef” jerky at the annual Love Ride in California on Sunday. PETA’s two sexy Lettuce Ladies could barely keep up with the demand as they handed out pieces of Primal Strips jerky and … Read more »

Lettuce Meets Weed at HempCon

At this weekend’s HempCon medical marijuana convention in L.A., PETA’s Lettuce Ladies toke took the opportunity to urge attendees to break their addiction—to meat. The gals in green were such a huge hit that they quickly gave away their entire stock of vegan munchies—chocolate-chip cookies and faux-beef jerky—and vegetarian/vegan starter kits. Compared to meat-eaters, vegetarians … Read more »

Lettuce Ladies Light Up Light Rail

PETA is helping mass-transit passengers go even greener. When Norfolk, Virginia’s new light-rail train made its maiden voyage past our headquarters, the Lettuce Ladies were on hand—and on the balcony—to make the inaugural run memorable. With their cabbage couture and “Climeat Change” sign, the ladies showed passengers (and enthusiastic construction workers) that dumping meat, the … Read more »

Drivers Get Rear-Ended by PETA

Sometimes, when you’re trying to show people the benefits of a vegan diet, you have to get a little cheeky. These PETA beauties’ bottoms came out on top when Charlotte, North Carolina, residents came out in throngs to take pictures of their thongs. Their supply of hundreds of vegetarian/vegan starter kits was gone before the … Read more »

Congress Goes Gaga Over Lettuce Ladies

It was unseasonably hot on Capitol Hill when PETA’s Lettuce Ladies arrived for the annual Congressional Veggie Dog Giveaway. The leafy lovelies were greeted by a long line of people anxiously awaiting their arrival, ready for food and photo ops.     Can you imagine your representative in one of these? Joining the Lettuce Ladies … Read more »

Photo of the Week: Baring it All in the Big Easy

When our beauties in the buff graced Bourbon Street to show that baring skin is better than wearing skin, one passerby was so inspired that he shed his shirt and joined in. While it takes a lot to raise eyebrows in New Orleans, the ladies (and gent) managed to capture the attention of hundreds of … Read more »

Lettuce Ladies Fill Up Tummies and Tanks

With food and gasoline prices entering the stratosphere, PETA’s Lettuce Ladies thought that they would give people some food for thought and a message they could get some mileage out of. The Lettuce Ladies stopped at a 76 gas station in Santa Barbara and gave 2 gallons of free gas to the first 50 customers there. … Read more »

Lettuce Ladies Put the ‘Hot’ in ‘Hot Cocoa’

What do bathing beauties do when they’re not basking in the sunshine? They spread warmth to everyone around them with soy hot cocoa! PETA’s Lettuce Ladies helped heat things up in chilly cities this week with free vegan hot cocoa and PETA’s vegetarian/vegan starter kit. Pouring cups of compassion in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.   Shaking … Read more »

Creepy, Not Cheeky

Q. You have an extra $4,000 in your pocket. Do you:online surveys   OK, maybe that’s a trick question. Who in the world would spend one plugged nickel on this gruesome “novelty”? We realize that giving attention to things like these “piggy banks”—or those strange dead squirrel beer cozies—is like engaging with a radio shock … Read more »

Q: How Will China Destroy the World?

A: It will adopt the eating habits of Americans—specifically, our pork-eating habits. Already, China (which essayist Charles Lamb credited with being the birthplace of pork barbecue) consumes about half of all pork produced worldwide. According to a 2010 U.S. Department of Agriculture report, Chinese pork consumption jumped from 22 million tons in 1990 to more … Read more »

Lettuce Lady Meets the Police in Jordan

Proper permits in hand, PETA Asia conducted a vegetarian awareness demonstration in Amman, Jordan, on Sunday. Braving the searing heat and the crowds of onlookers, PETA Asia Lettuce Lady Amina Tariq proved that she was truly a hero for animals—the event lasted only a few minutes before police officers dragged the lovely lady of leafy … Read more »

Sexy Senoritas Storm Capitol Hill

It’s that time again! Every summer, our Lettuce Ladies station themselves at the U.S. Capitol to serve a free lunch in honor of National Veggie Dog Day. This year, our leafy lovelies were joined by model and smokin’-hot vegetarian Vida Guerra, who spiced up the event by wearing a red chili-pepper bikini as she handed … Read more »

McCartney’s McDonald’s McVictory

  After finding out that a McDonald’s restaurant in his hometown of Liverpool had plastered the walls with photos of him and the rest of the Fab Four, Sir Paul McCartney—who is known by all (except maybe the marooned fighter pilot on Gilligan’s Island) as being a longtime and outspoken vegetarian—was less than glad all … Read more »

Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ Upstaged?

I’m willing to bet my last Marry Me bar that there isn’t a person on the planet who would call PETA India’s new “Lettuce Lady” ad featuring actor Lara Dutta anything less than exquisite:     We know that a vegan diet benefits animals, the environment, and human health. And one of the easiest ways … Read more »

Tasty! Toronto’s Veggie ‘Pureed’

Oops—I meant to say “Parade.” OK, so maybe that pun made you wince, but the photos from Toronto’s first annual Veggie Pride Parade will make you beam! PETA’s own Chris P. Carrot, Lettuce Ladies, and “seal” joined hundreds of revelers who encouraged curious onlookers to help animals, their own health, and the planet by going … Read more »

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