Artist Depicts a Cow’s Face Using Rice, Making a Powerful Statement

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Curious how rice art can raise awareness of and increase compassion for cows? Influencer and artist Rachel of Visions of Play made a video showing one way to do just that on her Instagram page:

How Rice Art Warms the Heart and Encourages Kindness to Cows

As the video shows, Rachel skillfully arranges small bits of white, pink, gray, and black rice to form patterns that eventually depict a cow’s complete face. Using a large wooden bowl as the frame and container, she embellishes the base of the finished image with purple, yellow, white, and pink flowers. The final effect leaves the observer looking into the gentle visage of a fellow sentient being with sensitive eyes. This mooving experience can help onlookers understand that humans should never use cows’ flesh as food, their bovine mammary secretions as dairy, or their skin as clothing or accessories.

Rachel’s impressive Instagram page hosts a vast array of natural and innovative art made from rice and other organic materials. Her love of and passion for sensory art and play shimmer through each new post, and this specific portrait of the calmly gazing grazer is PETA’s current favorite.

black and white cow made of rice surrounded by flowers on a wooden plate

Why Now, Sweet Cow? The Compassionate and Environmental Relevance of This Rice Art

Cows are gentle giants, eager to play and gregarious in the way they prefer to graze and socialize with others of their species. Diverse in how they express themselves, cows develop lasting friendships and sometimes hold grudges against other cows who treat them badly. Curious and clever, they can also remember things for a long time and mourn the deaths of and division from those they love.

Yet more than 25 million cows are forcibly bred, stuffed with huge amounts of food, exploited, and killed each year in the U.S. alone. Many young cows endure searing burns from branding irons and violent dehorning procedures, during which their horns are cut, gouged out, or burned off, and males are subjected to agonizing castration—all without painkillers.

It’s very rare for a cow to escape the cruel cycle of speciesist abuse and exploitation and live out their days in peace at a loving, reputable sanctuary.

happy brown cow in open green field under blue sky with scattered white clouds

The horrific rate at which cows are used for food and leather is destroying the environment. The most kind, effective, and immediate way to take action against the climate catastrophe is to go vegan and choose only animal-free food and clothing.

Help Cows Right Now: Eat Rice, Not Animals

Share Rachel’s rice-art video with everyone you can to encourage more compassion for cows and the planet.

And remember that benevolence toward bovines begins on your plate. Check out our free vegan starter kit and share it with a few friends—or four or five, or 15 or 50! Give cows a chance:

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