Meet Tommy: PETA’s AI-Powered ThanksVegan Helper!

Published by Ryan Hajek.
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We’re excited to introduce Tommy, our AI-powered chatbot. He’s on a mission to help everyone have a perfect “ThanksVegan”—a day to enjoy all the traditional Thanksgiving staples that we know and love without contributing to the suffering that comes with raising and killing animals for food.

a 3d animated cartoon turkey

Who Is Tommy?

Tommy is a conversational AI chatbot that can “talk” with users and respond to their questions, as ChatGPT does.

He is a virtual mentor at your fingertips and can provide vegan recipes, fun facts about turkeys, and even holiday-themed jokes.

How Does Tommy Work?

All you have to do is ask Tommy a question or give him a command. He can respond to requests for all-vegan recipes, provide tips on how to use vegan ingredients in place of nonvegan ones in traditional holiday dishes, and do much more.

Here’s how Tommy responds to the following prompts:

Tell me a funny joke, Tommy!

Tommy: I love jokes! Here’s one: Why did the turkey cross the road? To get to the vegans who lived across the street. What else would you like to know? You can ask me for ThanksVegan recipes, facts about turkeys, or another joke.

Give me some fun facts about turkeys.

Tommy: Turkeys enjoy communal roosting in trees, a natural way of living together. They have a unique morning routine—a roll call with soft yelps to be sure that everyone’s safe. These behaviors highlight their complex social structures and emotional lives.

What can I use instead of butter in stuffing?

Tommy: Hey there! If you’re looking for a vegan butter for your stuffing, there are several great options made from various oils, such as coconut or olive, or from plants. They have a similar texture and flavor to dairy butter and work perfectly in stuffing recipes. Another alternative is to use olive oil or avocado oil, which can add a rich flavor.

Where can I buy a vegan turkey?

Tommy: Discover vegan turkey at major grocery stores nationwide. Look for products like Aldi’s Earth Grown Plant-Based Herb Turkey Breast, Field Roast’s various roasts, Gardein’s Turk’y products, and selections from Sol Cuisine, and Tofurky.

How You Can Use Tommy

Tommy is available for free to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. As of this writing, custom versions of ChatGPT like Tommy are only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

Why Should You Celebrate ThanksVegan?

The meat industry genetically manipulates turkeys to grow unnaturally large, causing them to endure heart failure and broken legs, and farm workers cram them into dark, windowless sheds, causing immense suffering. Workers cut off parts of their toes and beaks without pain relief. During slaughter, workers hang turkeys upside down, often while they’re still conscious, and slit their throats. Sometimes this is done improperly and the birds are still alive when they’re placed into feather-removal tanks full of scalding-hot water.

When turkeys aren’t imprisoned on farms, they spend their days taking dust baths, raising families, building nests, and roosting in trees. They’re gentle, social birds who enjoy having their feathers stroked, like to gobble along to music, and defend their families from predators.

Check out our free ThanksVegan guide packed with delicious recipes to help you whip up the most delectable holiday dinner you’ll ever make:

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