VIDEO: Dave the Rescued Dog’s Touching ‘Tail,’ From Neglect to Adoption

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PETA’s fieldworkers have witnessed the worst, but even they were shocked by this little black pup’s condition. In October 2023, at PETA’s urging, local law enforcement seized Dave, an emaciated dog covered with fleas and other parasites. An emotional new video follows his story, from being chained outside and neglected to his dramatic rescue, recovery, and adoption:

Dave the Rescued Dog’s Journey

When PETA fieldworkers found Dave, he was underweight, suffering from mange, and covered in more fleas than they’d ever seen. Despite his obvious suffering, the owners refused to seek veterinary care or turn him over to PETA. Instead, they hid him when we called law enforcement, and he remained missing during fieldworkers’ subsequent attempts to check on him.

One week later, they found Dave back in the same spot and in even worse shape—but this time, law-enforcement officers responded immediately while our fieldworkers were still on the scene and took legal custody of the puppy. The officers allowed PETA to take him for emergency care on their behalf, and the veterinarian said he was suffering from the worst flea affliction he’d ever seen. He also tested positive for internal parasites, flea anemia, and demodectic mange. The rescued pup recovered at the local municipal shelter until he could be transferred to PETA. We neutered him on one of our mobile clinics.

Dave the rescued dog, after officials helped rescue the pup at PETA's urging

Adoption + Love = A Happy Ending

Thanks to PETA’s local shelter partner, Reba’s Rescue, a loving family adopted Dave—now named Roux—and they are determined to write a better ending to his story. He spends his days playing with toys and snuggling with his family. His shiny black coat shows no signs of the trauma he endured.

“Roux has found a wonderful home, but countless other dogs just like him are chained outside 24/7 without adequate shelter, food, water, or social interaction. PETA urges everyone to keep their dogs indoors with the rest of the family and to lobby for bans on unattended tethering, which help ensure that dogs aren’t kept chained outside like old bicycles.”

—PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch

PETA Animal Rescue Team member carrying Dave the dog

There’s no such thing as an “outdoor dog.” PETA is working hard to get better laws in place to protect dogs like Roux and other animals.

What You Can Do

Every animal is someone, and every dog deserves the best life possible. If you witness cruelty to a dog—or any animal—report it to the appropriate officials. Learn how you can help dogs by supporting legislation and ordinances that ban or restrict tethering:

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