PETA Activists Take on Animal Abusers from Coast to Coast (Photos, Video)

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PETA’s members and supporters have been busy. Our fearless activists have braved the cold, the rain, and even a few security teams, all in the interest of spreading animal rights messages. If these photos and videos inspire you to join the effort to oppose animal abuse, keep scrolling—standing up for animals is easy, and we’re sharing with you how to do it.

The barks of animals tormented at Texas A&M University’s dog laboratory echoed through the halls of SXSW in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday as PETA supporters crashed a panel discussion featuring Michael K. Young, the university’s president. Demonstrators urged him to “shut the dog lab down.”

Click here to urge TAMU to close its dog laboratory.

Earlier this month, the Iditarod kicked off in Anchorage, Alaska. During the race’s ceremonial start, a group of PETA supporters gathered around five headstones—each engraved with the name, age, and cause of death of a dog who had died during the 2017 race.

Click here to take action against the deadly Iditarod.

PETA plastered Toronto, where Canada Goose is headquartered, with public service announcements designed to help the good people of the city steer clear of douchery by avoiding the real douches at Canada Goose.

Click here to tell Canada Goose, “Ditch Fur and Down!”  

In a scene resembling a clothing ad gone horribly wrong, PETA inflated a life-size snow globe in Denver. Inside, two PETA members wearing big “wooly” sweaters, hats, and mittens beat up realistic “bloody” sheep. The stunt alerted consumers to the reality that sheep are beaten, punched, kicked, and even killed by impatient shearers in the wool industry.

Click here to sign our pledge to be wool-free.

PETA supporters gathered outside a seminar held by notorious experimenter Christine Lattin to protest her painful and irrelevant stress studies on songbirds. Students walking past took leaflets and stopped to chat with demonstrators.

Click here to help end painful tests on animals.

It may have been a cold, rainy morning in Frisco, Texas, but that didn’t stop PETA supporters from descending on Work as Worship—an annual Christian retreat at which Joel Manby, then-CEO of SeaWorld spoke—to urge the abusement park chief to send the orcas held captive by the company to sea sanctuaries. The PETA pressure proved to be too much for Manby—he left the company just a few days later.

Click here to tell SeaWorld to empty its tanks.

“Mom, I’m going vegan!” That was one girl’s reaction after participating in PETA’s “I, Calf” virtual reality experience. Viewers were placed “in the body” of a young calf whose mother secretly gave birth to twins and—remembering that farmers took her previous babies away—hid one of the newborns to protect him. “I, Calf” made recent appearances in Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana.

Click here to give dairy “products” a thumbs-down, and go vegan instead.

“I, Orca”—PETA’s other virtual reality experience—challenged folks in San Antonio to experience firsthand what it’s like for orcas and other animals suffering in captivity at SeaWorld. After participating, one 7-year-old boy proclaimed, “SeaWorld should release the animals! It’s so sad that they live there.”

Click here to tell SeaWorld to release the animals it holds captive into seaside sanctuaries.

A “tiger”—wearing little more than bodypaint—was out and about in Miami Beach’s City Center just prior to UniverSoul Circus‘ opening-night performance to urge passersby not to buy tickets to the event.

Click here to urge UniverSoul Circus to end all cruel animal acts.

PETA Germany was busy, too. From asking folks in Cologne to try “dog’s milk” (because really, what’s the difference between drinking dog’s milk and cow’s milk?) …

… to protesting fur in Munich …

… and in Essen …

… to opposing animal testing in Osnabrück …

… and urging folks there to adopt—never buy—companion animals

… to encouraging folks in Essen to choose vegan cheese over cruelly obtained dairy “products”

… to protesting McDonald’s in Hamburg following the release of disturbing video footage of one of its meat suppliers

… PETA Germany’s street team has been working nonstop to spread the word.

PETA India went to work, too. One day before National Science Day, a PETA volunteer lay with her “skin” peeled back and her “internal organs” exposed to urge passersby to denounce cruel and archaic animal dissection.

Click here to learn about modern, animal-friendly alternatives to animal dissection.

A few thousand miles away, activists demonstrated outside dozens of Thomas Cook stores throughout the U.K. Although the travel company has announced that it would suspend online promotions of SeaWorld, it continues to prop up orca abuse by selling tickets to the abusement park. The activists’ message was clear: Cut all ties with SeaWorld.

Click here to urge Thomas Cook to stop supporting orca abuse.

PETA U.K. activists disrupted the Crufts dog show to highlight the suffering of dogs bred by humans to have grossly exaggerated features just to meet The Kennel Club’s “Breed Standards.” Vegan Strike Group activists stormed the floor brandishing signs that read, “Crufts: Canine Eugenics.”

Click here to learn more about the dangers of breeding “purebred” dogs.

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