7 Ways to Help Animals While on Vacation

Taking a vacation? Good. You deserve it. You already take action for animals in your everyday life, but how about helping them on the road, too?

Here are seven easy ways that you can help animals on your summer vacation:

1. Use a compassionate travel agency as you plan your vacation.

Not only will sites Humane Travel, VegVoyages, and Veg Jaunts and Journeys make sure that your trip is compassionate in every way, the companies will also donate a portion of the proceeds to PETA!

2. Let hotels know that down is cruel.

Before leaving your hotel, fill out a comment card asking that instead of using feathers torn from birds’ bodies for bedding, the hotel use a warm and comfortable down alternative.

3. Leave PETA literature everywhere you can!

Vegetarian/vegan starter kits can go in airline seat pockets, leaflets can go in hotel lobbies or travel centers, and stickers can go on anything you own, such as your luggage. Use your imagination to get the word out for animals.

4. Choose animal-friendly family fun.

Instead of visiting a zoo, check out the wildlife at a local park. Rather than attending circuses that force animals to perform, marvel at the entertainers of a circus without animals. And be sure to skip marine parks such as SeaWorld—visit an animal sanctuary instead.

5. Make your car a traveling billboard for animals.

No, we’re not asking everyone to make custom decals (although animal activist Michelle Doers gets major rock-star points for doing just that). You can spread the word to other motorists just by sporting a PETA bumper sticker or car magnet. Honk if you love animals!

6. Be prepared for an animal emergency.

We all hope we don’t come across animals in distress, but it’s best to be prepared! PETA’s Animal Rescue Car Kit is a great way to make sure that you’re ready if you see an injured or stray animal on the roadways.

7. Be a polite vegan modifier at restaurants.

While you’re on vacation, you’re sure to end up dining at a restaurant that serves meat. Don’t fret! It’s the perfect opportunity to show how polite, courteous, and happy vegans are. When you show patience and grace with the staff, you’re actually advocating for animals. Pretty cool, right?

More Ways to Take Action for Animals

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