12 Ways to Help Animals This Holiday Season

The holiday season offers unique opportunities to share compassion for all. Check out our list of 12 ways to help animals to get started:

1. Print out our “cruelty-free” tags and put them on your gifts so their recipients will know they’re animal-friendly.

gift-tags-2   gift-tags-1

2. Print out PETA’s “Be Sweet to Animals” tags and attach them to treats like candy canes and other goodies to add an animal rights message.

A white giftbag with snowflakes and a "Be Sweet to Animals" PETA gift tag

3. Make holiday cards with animal rights messages. You can also add PETA stickers to cards and envelopes to spread compassion for animals. Or you can purchase animal rights holiday cards from PETA.

A holiday card that reads "Season's Greetings" with a photo of two white rats snuggling

4. Download “PETA’s Vegan Holiday Survival Guide!” for tips on talking to family members about animal rights and recipes to make for the perfect vegan holiday.

In front of a decorated tree a hand holds PETA's Vegan Holiday Survival Guide

5. ’Tis the season for cookies and treats galore! Share vegan baked goods with your coworkers, neighbors, friends, and family.

Cookies dipped in chocolate with crushed peppermint candy

6. If you have kids, you could include animal rights signs in their photos with Santa and then share the photos with others. Download and print PETA Kids holiday signs.


7. Donate blankets, toys, treats, or food to local open-admission animal shelters, or give vegan food to local shelters for the homeless.

volunteer at peta

8. Donate old fur garments to PETA for refugees in need. We ship unwanted furs to refugees and shelters for the homeless to help people with no other way to endure freezing winter temperatures. All donations are tax-deductible.

PETA workers sort fur coats to donate

9. Use PETA Kids comic books as stocking stuffers.

A display of PETA Kids comics on a dark wood table with holiday decorations

10. Watch animal rights movies with loved ones. Spend time with family and friends this season curling up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and checking out movies that include vegan messages.

A TV displays Netflix's logo in a holiday-decorated room

11. Ask family and friends to donate to charities for animals as a gift. This year, consider asking loved ones to donate to organizations that help animals, and be sure to check out PETA Presents, which allow you to donate to help animals and send personalized e-cards explaining your gift. You could also ask loved ones to go vegan instead of buying you a present.

Brown dog tethered in the snow

12. Hand out animal rights leaflets at busy locations. E-mail PETA’s Action Team for free stickers, vegan starter kits, leaflets, and more!


If you’re inspired to help animals, check out our Action Team:

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