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Seasonal Veggies: What to Buy Now

Written by Amy Snyder | August 27, 2007

I, like many others, have been convinced of the importance of buying seasonal, local produce. It’s better for the environment, your wallet, and your taste buds. The problem is that I never know what’s in season. How do we know if it’s time to buy onions or okra, melons or mango? There are way too many fruits and vegetables out there to keep track of. I can barely remember my family members’ birthdays, let alone the peak season of red leaf lettuce.

To help you out with what’s in peak season now (that means sprint to your local farmers’ market because these items are at their best), I’ve done a little research and compiled a short cheat sheet.




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  • Michael Natkin says:

    I’ve been amazed by the beautiful artichokes we can grow at home in the northwest right now.