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Meet PETA’s iPhone App

There’s no easier way to make a meaningful difference for animals.

PETA’s Top Blog Posts of 2013 © Susan Riley Photography

PETA’s Top Blog Posts of 2013

Smart crows, a cute beagle, and imperiled Zerglings. They’re all stars of PETA’s most popular blog posts of 2013.

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Make a #PETA2015 New Year’s Resolution to Help Animals!

The year is coming to a close, and people are deciding on their goals for the one ahead. This year, make a resolution to help animals!

Pam Anderson, Sam Simon Visit Sealers With Million-Dollar Offer © Sandra Lee

Pam Anderson, Sam Simon Visit Sealers With Million-Dollar Offer

The Simpsons producer Sam Simon offers sealers $1 million if they can secure a government buyout of Canada’s waning seal industry.

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Why Is PETA Giving Away Fur Coats?

As the temperatures dip below freezing, PETA helped some of Detroit’s neediest residents stay warm.

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PETA’s 2013 Year in Review

With animal rescues, film festival awards, and huge legislative victories, 2013 was a banner year for animals!

PETA Joins the World in Mourning Nelson Mandela

PETA says “Goodbye” to an activist who dedicated his life to promoting peace and justice.

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It’s Giving Tuesday! Can You Help Animals Today?

Giving Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to take a few minutes out of the busy holiday season to do something nice for animals.

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12 Ways to Help Animals This Holiday Season!

Check out our comprehensive list of ways to help animals this holiday season!

Be Sweet to Animals: Use These Free Holiday Tags!

Use PETA’s “Be Sweet to Animals” printable tags to make easy holiday gifts while also spreading awareness about animal rights!

Free Compassionate Holiday Gift Tags!

Tis the season to be givin’ and receivin’! Make a statement with your gift by decking it out with an adorable tag that carries a compassionate message.

Topless Mermaid Makes a Splash in Seattle—Cops Carry Her Out

Activists went a little further today to fight for fish at Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market.

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Photos of the Day: Cutest, Saddest Protest Ever

A sea of “sheep” and “cows” expose the horrors behind Australia’s live-export trade.

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Activist Spotlight: Bryan and Carla Wilson

When it comes to animal rights activism, Orlando’s Bryan and Carla Wilson are shining examples of dedication and hard work. Check out this short Q&A!

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