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Wearing Lettuce for Earth Day

In April for Earth Day, we landed in Union Square with the first lettuce dress this country has ever seen!

Victory! Citing PETA Pressure, Philippine Airlines Stops Shipping Primates to Labs

Over the past few months, PETA, its international affiliates, and compassionate people have been campaigning against Philippine Airlines. It worked.

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Hot Cars Kill: Order Your Free Posters

Every year, dogs suffer and die in hot cars. But you can help prevent this with PETA’s free new poster.

‘Glass Walls’ Goes Italian!

Italian rock star Red Canzian, who has been vegetarian for 17 years and vegan for four, launched PETA’s new

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PETA Chalks California Pizza Kitchen Sidewalk With Anti-Dehorning Message

Move over, Michelangelo. When PETA members heard that a San Diego jury acquitted a man who had been prosecuted for chalking a sidewalk, they figured they’d try their hand at …

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PETA Shows Off Its Pride at Festivals Across the Country

PETA has been hitting gay-pride festivals across the country to show our support for the rights of

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Giant Condoms Across the Great Plains

Emily took our two giant condom mascot costumes across the prairies to spread the word about the importance of spaying and neutering cats and dogs.

7 Ways to Help Animals While on Vacation

Animals don’t get a vacation, but you can help them on yours!

Activist Spotlight: Laura Ray

When it comes to animal rights activism in Boston, few people are as knowledgeable and hardworking as Laura Ray.

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Crashing an Annual Meeting

Some folks think that annual meetings are boring events, but at PETA we know that they are just another opportunity to speak up for animals!

How Many Animals Have You Saved? Find Out!

You know that you’re making a lot of cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and fish happy by not eating them, but do you know exactly how many animals you have personally saved? …

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SeaWorld Slammed With Federal Fine Over Unsafe Conditions

PETA protested outside SeaWorld parks in San Antonio and San Diego today, just one week after the marine-animal prison chain was hit with a $38,500 repeat violation fine from the Occupational …

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Philippine Airlines Caught Lying About Its Record of Cruelty

Philippine Airlines is one of only three major airlines that still ship primates to laboratories where they are tormented and killed in cruel experiments, but you wouldn’t know it from talking …

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