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Meet PETA and the PETA Foundation Staff: Ryan

Ryan HulingRyan Huling
Manager of College Campaigns & Outreach

As the main force behind PETA’s college outreach efforts, it’s my job to make sure that animal rights is the number-one issue on campuses nationwide. My coworkers and I help arm hundreds of student activists and clubs with the free materials and guidance they need in order to push for big changes at their schools, like expanding the number of vegan options on campus and exposing the cruelty taking place in their school laboratories. We also organize high-profile debates, thought-provoking exhibits, and direct on-campus outreach in order to make sure that messages about animal rights and veganism are on every bulletin board, every dorm wall, and the front page of every student newspaper nationwide!

When not on campus, I can often be found having a potluck dinner with my fellow PETA staffers or trekking on a backpacking trip somewhere around the globe. Tough life, eh?