What Every Kind Teacher Needs in the Classroom

Do you have everything you need to keep your school day focused on compassion? Making cruelty-free selections and being in the know about useful products that don’t hurt animals doesn’t have to be overwhelming. TeachKind has made it easy with our list of essentials for any classroom.

Cruelty-Free Office Supplies

Unfortunately, some office supplies or the materials used to make them are tested on animals, so keep that in mind during your next shopping trip. Staedtler is a certified cruelty-free company (and is very easy to find), so choose from their high-quality selections when you need pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, erasers, sharpeners, geometry kits, and more.


Animal Rights Stickers

Seven-year-olds and 17-year-olds may not have much in common—except for the fact that kids of ALL ages love stickers. We guarantee that your students will go wild for our fun sticker sheets. Keep a set on hand to use as rewards or incentives. Order them here.

PETA Water Bottle

A teacher’s gotta stay hydrated! Do it in style with PETA’s adorable Respect All Animals water bottle featuring eye-catching art and an animal-friendly message.

Humane Bug Catcher

Finding a creepy crawler in the classroom can become a teachable moment (and a chance to save a life instead of taking one) with PETA’s humane bug catcher. This tool makes trapping unwanted insect guests without harming them easy and allows you to release them outdoors. It can help teach children that all lives deserve our consideration.

Cruelty-Free Hand Sanitizer

Germs seem to spread at lightning speed in the classroom, so hand sanitizers are a must. EO Products makes some of our favorites. They’re cruelty-free and made with natural ingredients that won’t harm the environment or your health—and they’re 99.9% effective. You can buy a handy portable spray, a pump bottle for your desk, or a box of wipes to keep in your drawer. Check out the selection here.

Vegan Snacks

Being a teacher takes a heck of a lot of energy. It’s nice to have a supply of nutritious snacks handy for days when you forget to eat breakfast or need a pick-me-up during the day. Stock your desk with healthy on-the-go snacks—try protein bars such as vegan Clif Bars or Larabars. Pre-portioned bags of trail mix and dried fruits are also great options. Consult this list for even more vegan goodies.


When things get stressful (as they tend to), sometimes the power of essential oil aromatherapy can really help calm things down. Invest in an essential oil diffuser for the classroom—or just keep a bottle of calming lavender, soothing frankincense, or a relaxation blend to take a whiff of when you need a quick moment of peace. Brands like Eden’s Garden and Oilogic are certified cruelty-free and vegan, and both have blends specifically made for children.

Animal Rights Literature

Did you know that PETA will send teachers free leaflets, brochures, and stickers to share with colleagues and students? Having informational literature on hand to give to others is a great way to spread the word about ways to help animals. It can also supplement conversations that come up—you never know when you’ll have an opportunity to talk to a colleague or student about making kind choices. You can order literature for students here. E-mail us at [email protected] if you’re looking for leaflets for adults.

Cruelty-Free Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your workspace clean can make you feel more organized, be a general mood-booster, and help protect you from cold and flu viruses that circulate throughout the year. Check out our favorite cruelty-free and safe-to-use cleaning products to keep your desks, whiteboards, and other surfaces spic ‘n’ span.

Cruelty-Free Art Supplies

If you teach elementary school or art classes, chances are that your students use various art supplies in their activities. Like office supplies, some are tested on animals, so choose with care—and compassion. Colors of Nature sells vegan kids’ paints, oils, pastels, crayons, and even papers and brushes. Staedtler also has a variety of cruelty-free art supplies.

Animal Rights Tote Bag

Transport your papers, laptop, and lunch in a cute bag with a message. PETA’s eye-catching Animal/Human Liberation tote will spark conversation about the ways in which all social justice issues are intertwined—as well as carrying all your things. 🙂


Not only do posters liven up the walls of your classroom, they’re also a free, easy way to bring animal issues into your students’ sphere of consciousness as well as their lexicon. Order a class set of TeachKind’s free, colorful, full-sized posters and let your walls do some of the talking.

teachkind poster pack

TeachKind Desktop Calendar

Keep humane education in mind by setting your computer desktop, tablet, or phone background to one of TeachKind’s free monthly 2018 calendars. Photos of  rescued animals along with their inspiring stories are featured on the wallpaper each month in addition to a fun humane-education tip to incorporate into your classroom. Download yours today.

Animal Rescue Kit

You never know when you’ll come across an animal in need of help—it could even happen while you’re on campus. Be proactive and make sure you’re equipped by keeping an animal rescue kit in your car or classroom at all times.

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