Get a Veggie Burger in Your School Cafeteria

Imagine this scenario: You’re an overworked, stressed-out teacher who’s hungry and waiting in line yet again to use the staff microwave, wishing that you could just hop in the lunch line for a quick bite before rejoining your energy-filled students. Sound familiar?

This situation is all too common in schools across the country. Sadly, those who’ve chosen to live a compassionate lifestyle aren’t always given a healthy vegan cafeteria option, even though studies show that eating this way helps protect the environment, saves animals, and is better for human health. Don’t animals, students, and teachers deserve all those benefits? We think so! That’s why we’re here to help you get a veggie burger in your school’s cafeteria. Follow these easy steps and help persuade your school to make a positive change for everyone.


Sometimes, change happens simply because someone asks for it. Write a letter to members of your administration or the school’s food services manager—or have a conversation—about the health benefits of offering a vegan option at lunch. Not sure what to say? We’ve got you covered. You can customize and print this letter to further your argument and to provide the school with a list of possible food distributors.

Your school administration will likely want proof that a vegan lunch program can work. Luckily, districts like the Los Angeles Unified School District have shown that offering vegan options is not only doable but also preferred by many students.


Staff Members

If your concerns aren’t taken seriously after you’ve asked for a veggie burger option and presented information about it to the school, you’ll need to gather support for your cause. (There’s nothing like comradery to get the job done.) It might even be useful to ask your colleagues to watch the popular and informative Netflix documentary What the Health and to make a school challenge out of it. After all, eating vegan has been shown to boost energy levels. What teacher couldn’t use that?


Do you have enthusiastic students? Incorporate this important cause into a lesson, and allow them to use their voices, too, to make a change. You can even use one of TeachKind’s many lesson plans and activities to generate excitement for animals. When students are ready to help, you can have them ask their classmates to sign this petition to gather support.

Parents and Other Community Members

Don’t forget that parents and groups like the PTA care about what’s going on at school, too, and can be great allies for making positive changes. Send leaflets or letters home with your students to spread the word about your efforts.

You can also get your online community involved by sharing information and asking others to do the same. Post this image to start the discussion:

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