All These Celebrities Have Spoken Out Against Dissection

Celebrities are in a unique position to make great changes in the world, and these stars recognize that their voices speak volumes on a global level. So what do they use them for? Animal advocacy—in particular, in behalf of animals, like frogs, mice, rats, rabbits, and even cats and dogs, used in cruel classroom dissection. Check out their past PETA ad campaigns to see what these kind souls say about the practice of cutting into once-living animals, many of whom are bred solely to be used in “education.”

Kim Basinger

When megastar Kim Basinger heard that the California State Board of Education was considering using animals for dissection and classroom experiments, she fired off a letter urging it to approve only humane science lessons. She wrote, “Wonder and responsibility can be taught in so many better ways, without putting any animals in harm’s way.”

Noah Cyrus

Singer and actor Noah Cyrus bares it all in her eye-catching peta2 #DissectionKills ad campaign, proclaiming, “I Am Not a Classroom Experiment.” In a behind-the-scenes video, she encourages students to opt out of classroom dissection, urging them to “ask a teacher for other humane alternatives.”


Aubrey Miller is a multitalented performer and lifelong vegan who starred in the television series Just Add Magic and Austin & Ally. She was also featured in PETA’s “Say No to Dissection” campaign as a princess with her “Prince Charming,” delivering the message that frogs deserve a “happily ever after,” too. And in a video for PETA, she debunks a common misconception about how the bodies of animals used for dissection are obtained.

Aubrey Miller Anti Dissection Ad

Daniella Monet

Daniella Monet starred in the hit Nickelodeon show Victorious, but it was her choice not to participate in a cruel experiment on squid in elementary school that makes her victorious in our eyes. In addition to opting out of dissection, she is vegan and has always adopted—never purchased—her animal companions. We’re starstruck!


Plastic frog in hand, class clown and former MTV star Steve-O jokingly encourages students to “Cut Class, Not Frogs” in his peta2 ad against dissection. The vegan stunt performer has also protested circuses and even walked out of a diabetes fundraiser when he learned that meat was on the menu.

Alicia Silverstone

If your students are familiar with Carly the cow, they may recognize Alicia’s famous voice. An actor, author, ’90s icon, and lifelong advocate for all animals, she has participated in countless PETA campaigns, including this “Cut Out Dissection!” video. In it, she empowers students to cut the cruelty and choose humane alternatives to this archaic classroom practice, reminding them that “biology is the study of life, not death.”

Torrey DeVitto

Torrey DeVitto‘s Chicago Med character has seen a lot of gore, but in her video for PETA promoting virtual dissection, DeVitto recalls the lingering smell of formaldehyde—a known carcinogen—from her grade school days, when she felt as though she had to dissect animals in order to receive a good grade. Posing with an adorable cat, she empathizes with students who feel like they don’t have a choice about dissection but calls on them to stand up and choose cruelty-free options.

David Gallagher

Remember 7th Heaven actor David Gallagher and his canine costar, Happy? In their ad for PETA, David suggests an easy first step to reducing violence in schools: stop dissecting animals. He adorably covers Happy’s ears when he reveals that dogs are sometimes used in cruel classroom experiments. The pup then lends a resounding “Woof!” to the end of the public service announcement:

Jamie Lee Curtis

Scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis credits her daughter (who has been vegan since she was 5 years old) with introducing her to animal advocacy. In this throwback pic, the pair pose next to a bumper sticker to show that horror belongs in films, not classrooms:

Share these celebrities’ inspiring messages with your students and colleagues, and pledge to help end dissection today:

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