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Bundle Up in These Down-Free Vegan Puffer Jackets

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Puffer jackets are cold-weather essentials, but warmth doesn’t need to come at the expense of animals. In the down industry, some birds’ soft feathers are repeatedly ripped from their skin while they’re still alive. Goose and duck farms where down is obtained harm the environment in the same ways farms that raise animals for meat do—they, too, generate massive amounts of manure and slaughter waste, use huge amounts of water, contribute significantly to greenhouse-gas emissions, and pollute the water, air, and land. Thankfully, major designers and retailers are responding to the growing demand for eco-friendly, down-free products.

There’s no reason why your jacket should contribute to animal suffering and environmental destruction, especially when there are so many great vegan puffer jackets on the market filled with vegan down.

Check out some of our favorite down-free, vegan puffer jackets:

Krimson Klover Switchback Jacket

Women-powered outdoor and lifestyle brand Krimson Klover confirmed to PETA that it would replace all down in its products with recycled polyester fill starting in 2024. We love to see this! The brand already offers a few bird-friendly puffer jackets to choose from, including this Switchback Jacket with sweater knit sleeves in a stylish pattern.

Rachel Antonoff Parker Puffer

Dubbed the season’s “it” jacket by The New York Times, this quilted puffer, featuring a kitschy noodle print, is filled with animal-free poly-down instead of feathers. In thanks for showing kindness to birds with the far-fetching farfalle design, PETA sent the designer a vegan cake decorated with a bow-tie pasta design. The popular puffer sells out quickly but is restocked often, so be sure to add your name to the waitlist so that you can snag one for yourself.

Save the Duck Women’s Alexis Hooded Puffer Jacket

Save the Duck was named PETA’s 2019 Company of the Year because its super-stylish puffers keep you warm using innovative recycled materials instead of down. Its animal-free outerwear performs well even in the most extreme conditions—it kept vegan mountaineer Kuntal Joisher warm during his Everest climb. Even if you aren’t planning on climbing the tallest mountain on the planet, you can still stay cozy with this jacket.

NOIZE Winona Short Length Puffer Jacket

NOIZE is a PETA Business Friend, uses our “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo, and fills its down-free puffer jackets with a material made from recycled water bottles. This jacket not only helps prevent birds from being abused in the down industry but also helps prevent plastic litter from killing our animal friends.

NOIZE Vroni Short Quilted Puffer

NOIZE also makes men’s puffer jackets, such as this short quilted one. Just like the women’s jacket, it’s filled with a material made from recycled water bottles.

Apparis Jemma Puffer Jacket

Apparis’ coats are made with high-quality, animal-free materials, so you can feel good about wearing this vegan leather one.

model wearing a brown apparis puffer jacket

For All Kind Weekend Puffer

This 3-in-1 jacket can be worn as a regular puffer (with the bonus of a detachable hood) or turned inside out for a bomber jacket look—all with the same recycled insulation for maximum warmth.

Topshop Teddy Borg Hooded Puffer Jacket

For a lighter option, look to this soft cropped jacket with polyester padding. The fuzzy borg fabric is an animal-friendly alternative to shearling, which is the skin of a lamb with the wool still attached.

model wearing a vegan puffer jacket made from a fuzzy material

Wuxly Greta Airweight

If you have down-filled or fur-trimmed outerwear in your closet, trade it in for a credit at Wuxly Movement through the Live Warm Trade Up Program. The company will donate your down-filled jacket or coat to a homeless shelter and send the fur to an animal rehabilitation center in Canada.

If you’re looking for more ways to make your wardrobe more compassionate, explore our How to Wear Vegan page. After decking yourself out in your new down-free puffer, take a stand for animals:

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