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In search of an animal-friendly gift for a fashion-forward friend or family member (or want one for yourself)? Look no further than the gorgeous coats, hats, and accessories created by ethical faux-fur brand House of Fluff.

A fashion industry veteran, House of Fluff founder Kym Canter decided to stop wearing animal skins and launched her own luxury faux-fur brand to make a difference for animals and the planet. Consumers who are fans of the fur “look” but don’t want to support the abuse and slaughter of millions of animals for the material now have the opportunity to grab everything from a fuchsia “fox” peacoat to a velvet “mink” trench vest.

Ruven Afanador

“There’s just no reason to kill an animal. … And it’s a really, really exciting time to be in fashion and to be addressing not only issues of animal welfare but also issues of the environment. Because I think most designers today want to be on the right side of ethics.”

—Kym Canter

To model some of the brand’s best looks and talk about the future of ethical fashion, PETA turned to actor Camille Hyde. In the video, the proud vegan and environmentalist talks about using her fame and social media presence to encourage fans to keep animals off their plates and out of their closets.

House of Fluff Faux Fur HatRuven Afanador

Faux fur isn’t just better for animals—it’s also far less harmful to the environment. Producing an animal-fur coat, trim, or accessory is up to 10 times more damaging to the environment than producing a faux-fur item. The chemicals used to prevent animal skins from rotting are highly toxic and carcinogenic and commonly end up polluting rivers and other fresh water supplies.

You can help save lives and protect the environment by keeping animal-derived materials like fur, wool, down, silk, and leather out of your wardrobe. Check out PETA’s Vegan Clothing Shopping Guide for tips on keeping your closet animal-free.

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