Published by PETA.

When it comes to gardening, my good intentions vastly outweigh my time and energy. My composter sits unassembled in a shed. Every year, I buy about four times as many types of vegetable seeds as I actually plant. The last bag of seed-starter mix I bought became an excellent rodent nursery.

Those of you who mulch, compost, brew compost tea, and sing lovingly to your seedlings: You are very special. No need to read any further.

To the rest of you, who might need a little store-bought assistance in perking up your flowers and nourishing your vegetable garden: Just remember that even organic fertilizers aren’t necessarily vegan. Many contain manure, blood and bone meal from factory-farmed animals, and fish emulsion and fish meal from the rapacious commercial fishing industry.

If your local garden center doesn’t carry vegan fertilizer, you can order some. Down to Earth offers a Vegan Mix, and Soil Mender offers a Yum-Yum Mix—mmm, makes me want to eat it right out of the bag!

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