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Today, there are so many vegan area rug options to choose from that it can be tough finding the perfect one for your home and personal style. That’s why Deborah DiMare, vegan interior designer and founder of—an online platform for industry professionals to learn about the emerging world of cruelty-free design and a place for consumers to shop for vegan furniture online—has teamed up with PETA to take the guesswork out of searching for vegan rugs.

“I only use non-animal–based materials and decor in my projects. I do not design with animal fur, wool, leather, down, or silk. Materials such as wool are being marketed as ‘responsible’ or ‘sustainable,’ but nothing about wool is responsible or sustainable,” says DiMare.

Unfortunately, some rugs are made of wool or other animal-derived materials. In the wool industry, shearers are usually paid by volume, not by the hour, which encourages fast work without any regard for the welfare of the sheep. This hasty and careless shearing leads to frequent injuries, and workers use a needle and thread to sew the worst wounds shut—without any pain relief. Strips of skin—and even teats, tails, and ears—are often cut or ripped off during shearing.

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The good news is that there are countless beautiful, cozy area rugs that aren’t made from any animal’s fleece, skin, or fur—and more unique vegan textiles are being developed every day.

Here are some great vegan area rugs to check out on Amazon:

For a bold, bohemian vibe, this braided cotton rug can enliven any bedroom or den.vegan area rugs on amazonThis blue, hand-woven cotton rug is durable and machine washable, making it perfect for any high-traffic area in your home.

peta vegan area rug guide 2018

If you’re going for a minimalist style, this round jute rug will add just the right amount of textural interest to a neutral palette.

vegan area rug list - round jute rug

Also in line with the minimalist trend, this diamond-patterned rug offers a subtle, tasteful way to add a pattern to a very simple space.

peta vegan area rugs list 2018

If your space feels cold and lacks personality, this plush shag rug is a great solution.

this vegan shag rug is great for any decor

For a playful, kid-friendly option, this rug made from recycled materials could be a perfect addition to a nursery or playroom.

peta vegan area rug list 2018

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