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Many of us spend the majority of our workday at a desk in front of our computer. We make our works spaces as comforting and accommodating as possible, as it is our home-away-from-home, of sorts.

There’s no reason to cram a bunch of cruel products into your desk (think lip balm with beeswax, makeup that has been tested on animals) when you can choose compassionate products from this list!

Without further ado, here are our top 10 vegan and cruelty-free picks for things to have on or in your desk to help you through your busy day:

1. Aromatherapy

To help ease stress throughout the day, try small amounts of aromatherapy. You can find great essential oils from Aura Cacia, and you might also look at these Instant Aromatherapy roll-ons from Bath & Body Works.

2. Lip balm

No matter what the season, external elements can take a toll on your lips, but so can the continuous exposure to air conditioning and heating in your office. I always keep some vegan lip balm handy in my desk drawer. We love the lip balm from the PETA Catalog.

3. Dental-hygiene gear

Stashing a travel toothbrush, some toothpaste, and floss in your desk can get your chompers and breath back under control after lunch, and it’s just a really nice thing to do for your teeth anyway! Try any of the cruelty-free dental care products on this list.

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4. Moisturizing cream

If you sometimes glance down at your hands when hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete on your keyboard and notice that they have begun to look a little scaly, consider keeping some moisturizing cream at your desk. Check out these 22 entirely cruelty-free, vegan beauty brands to find one you like.

5. Emergency nail kit

Friends don’t let friends get a hang nail at work, that’s why we’re here to tell you to keep a nail file handy!

6. Blotting papers

If you have combination skin and get a bit shiny as the day goes on, these wonderful mattifying blotting papers from e.l.f. work their mattifying magic every time.

7. Monthly survival kit

It’s good to be prepared for the unexpected—and also for when your coworkers are unprepared. We keep some extra personal care products on hand as well as some herbal tea bags from Yogi Tea to help with PMS symptoms.

8. Fun pens and office supplies

Taking notes on colored paper and with colored pens is more fun, so be sure to stock up on awesome products from cruelty-free office-supply company Pilot.

9. Nonperishable single-serving condiments

You might want to keep a small stash of single-serving packs of salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and often some nutritional yeast to jazz up your lunch.

10. A copy of the “Vegetarian Starter Kit

Because we work at PETA, people typically don’t come up to my desk while I am eating lunch to discuss going vegan, but if you do work at an office where people seem to want more info on what vegans eat, it’s helpful to have a quick reference guide with recipes to pass on to them.

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