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With the colder nights of winter, you might be looking for some new vegan bedding to keep you warm and cozy. So whether you’re shopping for that perfect fluffy comforter or a thick throw blanket, be sure to check the label and choose only items made with vegan materials. Wool, down, cashmere, fur, and other animal-derived materials cause immense suffering to sheep, birds, goats, and other animals who are abused and killed by the textile industry.

With tons of innovative vegan bedding options available, it’s easy to be a caring consumer and fill your home with items you love that are made with animal-free materials. Here’s how you can create the perfect warm, cozy bed this winter:

Start with a down-free comforter and pair it with a stylish duvet cover.

We love this comforter, which features a biodegradable Tencel fill made from eucalyptus, not the feathers of a friendly goose. This classic duvet cover, made from cotton, will go with anything.

Pick out some pillows, but skip the feathers.

You can find a high-quality vegan pillow that complements any sleeping style, made from cotton, polyester, bamboo, memory foam, or other animal-free materials. Try these bamboo memory foam pillows for a restful night’s sleep.

Flannel sheets made with cotton or polyester will keep you toasty.

Cotton flannel sheets are staples of winter bedding, so invest in a great set that will last you years. Just skip any that are made with wool and you’ll rest easy knowing that gentle sheep weren’t abused and killed to make your sheets.

Steer clear of silk sheets as well—thousands of animals are killed to produce just 1 pound of silk. If you want a silky feel, go for an organic bamboo viscose set instead.

Layer it all with a bedspread or quilt.

If it’s extra cold where you live, another layer might be just what you need. This waffle knit bedspread is made with cotton and bamboo, and it’ll keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Finish off the look with some throw pillows and a blanket.

Wool- and down-free throw pillows and a plush throw blanket will make your bed look as warm and cozy as it feels.

Make your home more animal-friendly by always choosing vegan home decor and cruelty-free products. Learn more about how you can save animals by ordering a vegan starter kit:

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