Published by Zachary Toliver.

There’s nothing quite like a little bundle of joy. There’s also nothing quite like the mess that a little bundle of joy can create! Here are our favorite cruelty-free baby-care products that are never tested on animals, so they’re always kind to babies’ sensitive skin and never cause animals to suffer.


Shampoo and Body Wash

What’s cuter than a sudsy, clean baby? A sudsy, clean baby and a sudsy, clear conscience. Get both with cruelty-free baby shampoo and body wash from a long list of PETA-certified products by brands available at major retailers, including Tom’s of Maine and Earth Mama Organics.


Wait, diapers are tested on animals?

Yup. Animals are even forced to ingest some of the materials used to make them. But there are plenty of diaper companies that value more than just the bottom line. The Honest Company, Whole Foods 365, and Parasol diapers are all cruelty-free and have long lists of ingredient “no-no’s” to rival a Meghan Trainor song. And of course, cloth diapers are gentle on babies, animals, and the planet. Now, they’re easier than ever to use, thanks to services that drop off clean diapers and take the soiled ones off your hands.



For fun in the sun, smother your little one in kisses and Kiss My Face Baby’s Mineral Sunscreen Lotion. NO-AD and Alba Botanica offer effective and affordable formulas as well.


Baby Wipes

Fresh and reliable baby wipes are a cornerstone of keeping babies clean. Wipe away any concerns about cruel tests on animals or harsh chemicals with products from Babo Botanical Wipes, Honest Wipes or from PETA supporter Natracare. Are you on the other side of the pond? If you’re in the UK and can’t find these other options, try Naty Wipes or Storksak Organics Baby Wipes.


Diaper Rash Cream and Powder

When bums get bummed out, reach for California Baby Calming Organic Powder or Nature’s Baby Organics Silky Dusting Powder or Farmstead Apothecary’s Lavender & Chamomile Baby Powder.



Wash the day (or the sleepless night) away with detergents from companies that care about babies and bunnies, such as yoreganics and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day.

Since tests on animals are not only cruel but also unreliable, trusting your baby’s skin to humanely tested products will put your mind at ease and have you sleeping like a … tired parent. For more animal-friendly favorites, visit Beauty Without Bunnies.

It’s never too early to start helping animals by eating vegan. Compassionate kids’ hearts beet for animals, and this adorable baby bib is a perfect way to keep mealtime fun—and show your little ones how to be kind with every bite.

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