Finding cruelty-free and eco-friendly diapers is easier than ever, thanks to compassionate companies and a growing demand from consumers. No one should suffer for the sake of a diaper, except maybe the person stuck changing it! 😛

Even better, you can find many of these brands at your local big-box store, and all are available online. Most of these brands also carry a variety of diaper accessories, including wipes, diaper rash cream, and hand sanitizer, to keep your whole nappy routine animal-friendly.

The Honest Co.

Founded by actor and philanthropist Jessica Alba, The Honest Co. is known for using minimal and natural ingredients. The diapers are plant-based and gluten-free, which makes them perfect for babies with extra-sensitive bums. As a bonus, you can save big by ordering your diapers and wipes in a bundle and having them shipped right to your home. Plus, you can’t go wrong with all the fun prints.



Along with being a PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan product, these diapers are chlorine-free and hypoallergenic and have an extra-soft top sheet for your baby’s comfort.

Whole Foods 365

Never bleached and free of latex and artificial fragrances, these diapers will keep your baby’s tush happy.



The old tried-and-true cloth diapers keep your baby covered in reusable and eco-friendly cotton. It’s now easier than ever, thanks to inserts and reusable diaper covers. Consider using a service that will deliver clean cloths right to your home and whisk away your dirty nappies. Many services offer a discount for using stained but clean cloths.

Now there are many brands of diaper bags made of animal-free materials, too! A perfect place to stash your vegan diapers, this convenient diaper backpack from PETA Business Friend DelniceBrand features vegan leather accents as well as insulated bottle holders, pockets with waterproof liners, stroller straps, and an anti-theft pocket for compassionate parents on the go. Take a look at our list of vegan diaper bags to find your next style.

Check PETA’s cruelty-free database to make sure that all your household and beauty products are not tested on animals.

It’s never too early to start helping animals by eating vegan. Compassionate kids’ hearts beet for animals, and this adorable baby bib is a perfect way to keep mealtime fun—and show your little ones how to be kind with every bite.

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