Whether you’re tech-savvy or just interested in a new gadget that will save you time, Amazon Echo is worth a try. If you’ve already welcomed Alexa into your life, you know how easy it is to teach her skills such as telling you the weather, turning off your lights, or guiding your workout. What you may not yet know is that she can also help simplify your vegan lifestyle with the installation of just a few clever skills.

Enable the Vegan Facts Skill
If you enable the Vegan Facts skill, Alexa can give you new vegan facts every day. More importantly, you can wow your friends at your next vegan dinner party by saying, “Alexa, tell me a vegan fact.” Like magic, she’ll share her vegan knowledge with you and your guests.

Ask Allrecipes to Search Vegan Recipes
If you need some inspiration about dinner, Alexa can help with that, too! Simply install the Allrecipes skill. When you’re hungry, say, “Alexa, ask Allrecipes for vegan recipes,” and she’ll help you find the perfect vegan meal for your taste.

Donate to PETA 
PETA now accepts donations via everyone’s favorite virtual assistant! Just say “Alexa, donate to PETA” or “Alexa, donate to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” and a donation between $5-5,000 can be made to support our work in behalf of animals.

Reserve a Seat at a Vegan Restaurant With OpenTable
If you aren’t in the mood to cook, why not let Alexa help with your dinner plans? Like the OpenTable app, Alexa’s OpenTable skill allows you to reserve a table quickly at your favorite vegan restaurant. Install the skill, link your OpenTable account, and say, “Alexa, launch OpenTable.” Once she responds, you can make a reservation without the frustration of fiddling with the app.

Have Alexa Entertain Your Cats With the Meow Skill
If you’re headed out for the evening but want to make sure that your kitties are occupied, just install the Meow! skill, and your kitties will be able to converse with a virtual cat. Activate it by saying, “Alexa, meow meow.” Do your best cat imitation, and the virtual cat will respond. While most talkative cats love this skill, timid kitties may be disturbed by it.

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Shop Compassionately With AmazonSmile
Since Alexa is automatically linked to your Amazon account, she makes shopping very easy. While you’re adding to your cart, why not help save animals by donating to PETA with each purchase? AmazonSmile allows you to contribute to the group at no cost to you. Simply log in to smile.amazon.com with your regular Amazon log-in info and set PETA as your charity. Once you’ve set this up, you can say, “Alexa, add vegan leather sandals to my Amazon cart,” and Amazon will donate .5 percent of the purchase price when you check out.

Dress Up Alexa With a Vegan Leather Case
Now that you’ve given Alexa the tools to simplify your vegan lifestyle, why not dress her up in a stylish vegan leather case? An affordable case like this one will keep your Amazon Echo dry and dust-free.

New skills for Alexa are being developed each day based on popularity and frequency of use, so the more you use your vegan skills and recommend them to your friends, the more likely you are to see additional options with the next update.

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