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Whether you boil your bangers or light your links on the grill, these vegan sausage brands will have you sizzled. Whatever way you chop it, there’s nothing savory about the ways in which animals are killed for food. Vegan sausages made from plants beat meat made from animals, and we’ve got the list of the brands that are the real crowd-pleasers.

Beyond Meat

The Beyond Sausage, available in Hot Italian and Brat Original varieties, is taking the vegan sausage game to a whole new level. It’s free of soy, gluten, and GMOs and perfect for the barbecue. The brand also offers Beyond Breakfast Sausage patties, which are available in both Classic and Spicy varieties.

Field Roast

When beer and sausage meet, great things are bound to happen—like Field Roast’s beer-infused bratwursts. But don’t stop there—try the other tantalizing sausages that the company offers, including Smoked Apple Sage, Apple Maple Breakfast, Italian, and Mexican Chipotle.


The Zesty Andouille flavor is a great addition to kick your Creole up a notch. Or polish off a plate of potatoes and peppers with the Kielbasa sausage. Tofurky also offers Italian Sausage and Beer Brats.


The brand’s Smart Sausages come in both Italian and Chorizo flavors. The Italian makes a tantalizing topping to pasta, while the Chorizo is a perfect way to spice up taco night.

No Evil Foods

With a name like The Stallion, it’s no surprise that this Italian sausage sure packs a punch. Each sausage is loaded with enough spices to add flavor to savor on a roll, pasta, or pizza.


If you’re lucky enough to be a morning person, wake up on the right side with vegan breakfast sausages. Links as good as these make great meal starters—find some inspiration and browse hundreds of vegan recipes.

Hop on the vegan train and start saving nearly 200 animals every year—order your free vegan starter kit and visit our guide to going vegan.

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