The list of delicious meatless foods keeps getting longer for us lucky vegans, and we see more gluten- and soy-free options popping up everywhere!

Soy-Free and Gluten-Free

  • NotCo’s NotBurger is a future-forward vegan burger patty made with plants, and it’s free of soy and gluten.
  • Sophie’s Kitchen makes vegan seafood products that are soy- and gluten-free. Mix up the Plant-Based Toona with some vegan mayo and spices for a quick lunch packed with protein.

  • Beyond Meat products are made with non-GMO, gluten-free pea protein. Try the Beyond Beef, which is a great staple for DIY ground-beef recipes such as tacos, meaty pasta sauces, and hand-formed meatballs. Grill the Beyond Burger and the Beyond Sausage for your next backyard barbecue, and fry up the Beyond Breakfast Sausage in Classic or Spicy flavor for your next Sunday brunch feast.


  • Seitan is a delectable meatless option made of wheat gluten. Available from many companies, it’s popular because it soaks up flavors extremely well and the texture is chewy and satisfying. You can also make your own!
  • Field Roast vegan meat products are all wheat- and grain-based. They specialize in links, roasts, and meatless loafs—perfect for the holidays or anytime.
  • Amy’s California Veggie Burgers come in original and low-sodium varieties.


  • Before the Butcher’s UNCUT Plant-Based Burgers come in four varieties: Burger, Savory Chicken Burger, Roasted Turkey Burger, and Breakfast Sausage Patty.
  • Gardein offers four gluten-free varieties: Chick’n Scallopini, Chipotle Black Bean Burger, the Ultimate Beefless Ground, and Garden Veggie Burger. These delectable options are made with a soy protein base.
  • Textured vegetable protein (TVP) is a dehydrated soy product that looks like little flaky nuggets and is a great stand-in for ground beef. It can be rehydrated in about a minute and works well in spaghetti sauces, chili, tacos, and veggie burgers.
  • Tempeh is a fermented soy product that comes in the form of a dense cake, perfect sliced or cubed and then steamed or fried and added to stir-fries, pasta dishes, salads, and sandwiches. It’s especially delicious when smoked for a “BLT.”
  • Praeger’s veggie burgers come in both kale and California varieties.
  • Amy’s Veggie Loaf is packaged ready to eat! You can also opt for the low-sodium version.

*These are not certified gluten-free, but the ingredient labels do not list gluten or wheat.

Don’t forget that there are many other hearty, “meaty” foods to choose from, such as eggplant, squash, avocados, Portobello mushrooms, falafel, potatoes, yams, and beans, that are full of protein and make a great base in entrées. We have an extensive list of vegan recipes, and you can also check out our ultimate list of vegan meat substitutes.

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