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Manhattan’s upcoming HOME Food Hall is the latest example of plant-based eating’s ever-expanding popularity. The world’s first 100 percent plant-based food hall, fitness studio, and event space is under construction and set to open in early 2019. The Cinnamon Snail and Beyond Sushi have already been confirmed as vendors. The fitness studio will offer yoga, Pilates, dance, meditation, kickboxing, and more. HOME Food Hall’s convenient location will allow busy New Yorkers to grab a bite or catch a class during their lunch break or after a long workday.


The popularity of vegan restaurants such as by CHLOE., little pine, Modern Love, and Crossroads and of vegan butcher shops like The Herbivorous Butcher and Monk’s Meats is further proof that the market for compassionate eating is exploding. In just the past couple of months, we’ve also seen the release of many new vegan products: a nondairy Breyers ice cream, new Ben & Jerry’s vegan flavors, a vegan Baileys liqueur, Coffeemate almond milk creamers, and so much more. This trend is partially attributable to the fact that the number of dedicated vegans and vegetarians is skyrocketing.

Millennials, in particular, are more interested in the ethics of their food choices than any other group. One study by The Hartman Group found that 12 percent of them report “often going vegetarian.” It’s no surprise—as more people become aware of the cruel slaughter of billions of animals per year for food and the environmental destruction it’s causing, their focus is shifting to compassionate, clean eating.

HOME Away From Home

A few brilliant minds are behind HOME Food Hall, including the confectioners of Rescue Chocolate and an expert from vegan consulting group Veganizer NYC. Feel like 2019 can’t come soon enough? Check out our vegan restaurant guide to find delicious options in many cities across the U.S.

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