Published by Rebecca Maness.

In 2022, we saw many of our food trend predictions come true, so we know we’ll be seeing more exciting vegan food news this year, too! Of course, we can expect new vegan products to hit shelves, new cookbooks to be filled with inspiring recipes, and more options to be added to fast-food menus—but what else? We’ve looked into our crystal ball to make a few predictions for the year ahead:

Caffeine Alternatives

While we’ll still be sipping on coffee, we can see caffeine alternatives becoming more popular this year, since they can be enjoyed all day and generally have other health benefits as well. FigBrew is one option—it’s made from figs and similar to coffee, but it won’t make you jittery. Other options might be made with chicory, maca, or even mushrooms.

Tinned Marinated Beans

Flavorful options like the Giant Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce and Greek Chickpeas with Cumin and Parsley from Trader Joe’s are examples that have been around for a while, but we think tinned marinated beans will become extremely popular this year. They’re easy to prepare for a quick lunch or for entertaining guests and full of protein, but they aren’t made from the bodies of intelligent individuals.

Cultivated Meat—for Our Animal Companions

Lab-grown meat is sure to make animal agriculture obsolete soon, and one place you’ll start to see it this year is in companion animal food. The companies Because, Animals and Wild Earth are both working on high-quality cultivated meat options for dog and cat food.

Mocktails Galore

Canned mocktails and other nonalcoholic liquor alternatives have been on the rise for years, but we think 2023 will bring a boom for these products. We’re especially excited about options like Kin Euphorics, which use adaptogens and botanicals that relax you without a buzz or a hangover. Booze-free bottle shops and bars are even popping up in cities across the country, and we’re sure more will be on the way soon.

Vegan Versions of Classic Snacks

This year, it’ll become even easier to satisfy your craving for nostalgic snacks. Vegan Babybel is already in stores, meat- and dairy-free “lunchables” kits are coming soon, and the grocery store aisles are already filled with cruelty-free options along these lines. Which veganized snack are you most hoping to see?

vegan babybel cheese© Bel Brands

Frozen Breakfast Foods

Convenience will always be trendy, but so is having a satisfying breakfast. Brands like MorningStar, Alpha Foods, and Field Roast have recently launched tasty frozen vegan breakfast items, and we’re sure even more options will be on the market this year.

Vegan Steak

These days, there’s a vegan version of almost anything you can think of, including steak. Juicy Marbles’ and eat meati’s options cook up just like meat, but they aren’t made from the flesh of a playful cow. Beyond Steak is already hitting stores and should be popping up on more Taco Bell menus soon.

More Celebrity-Backed Vegan Brands

Celebrities are getting behind vegan brands in a big way, and we’re sure we’ll see more collaborations in the coming year. Tabitha Brown’s Target collection is already proof that big things are in store for 2023!

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