Did You Know These Celebrities Are Supporting Vegan Companies?

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What do the Jonas Brothers, Travis Barker, Venus Williams, and Kevin Hart have in common? They started vegan companies! Some of these businesses focus on cruelty-free beauty products or animal-friendly fashion, while others are developing delicious plant-based foods. Actors are starting wine labels, musicians are creating food brands, and athletes are starting their own protein companies.

These compassionate celebrities are putting their fame and money to good use by starting vegan companies that don’t profit off the suffering of animals:

Jermaine Dupri (JD’s Vegan)

In addition to producing albums for stars such as Mariah Carey and TLC, Grammy-winning music producer Jermaine Dupri is a passionate vegan. So it’s not surprising that he started a cruelty-free ice cream company, which makes delightfully creamy desserts that don’t require cows to produce milk until their bodies give out. You can find JD’s Vegan at Walmart along with a ton of other vegan options.

Christie Brinkley (Bellisima)

Christie Brinkley is just one of many celebrities who owns a wine label. Her line of vegan wines, Bellisima, offers Prosecco and sparkling wines as well as zero sugar still wines. All the offerings are certified vegan, so you can sip your wine knowing that you aren’t drinking something that was filtered using the body parts of once-living animals.

Travis Barker (Barker Wellness)

Drummer and longtime vegan Travis Barker started this all-natural, cruelty-free wellness business to help nurture both mind and body. Other gummy companies may use gelatin in their products, but Barker uses fruit pectin instead. Gelatin is a protein created by boiling the skin, tendons, cartilage, and bones of animals in water.

Noah Schnapp (TBH)

Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp turned the vegan world upside down when he introduced this plant-based hazelnut cocoa spread from his company, TBH. To be honest, PETA is thrilled to have another animal-friendly hazelnut spread. Some brands still use milk stolen from playful cows in their recipes—which, if you ask us, is one of the stranger things companies still do. Thank goodness for celebrities who want to change the world.

The Jonas Brothers (Rob’s Backstage Popcorn)

These celebrity siblings fell in love with a unique popcorn recipe after a rained-out concert in 2011. Created by the father of a longtime friend, it quickly became a backstage staple on their tours. Rob’s Backstage Popcorn, named after its creator, is made using sunflower oil instead of butter. You can buy the sweet and savory snack online or at Walmart stores nationwide. Crank your favorite JoBros song and chow down on some vegan popcorn.


Cara Delevingne (Della Vite)

Model and actor Cara Delevingne and her sisters started this Prosecco company with sustainability in mind. A few wines still filter their product using various animal-derived ingredients such as casein (milk protein), gelatin (protein from boiling animal parts), or isinglass (gelatin from fish bladder membranes). But this sustainable brand uses 100% vegan processes to keep its Prosecco both eco-conscious and animal-friendly.

Venus Williams (Happy Viking)

Actors and musicians aren’t the only ones starting vegan companies—professional athletes are jumping in, too. Tennis superstar Venus Williams switched to plant-based eating after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2011. After seeing the benefits of going vegan, she decided to help others do the same.


Made with fruits, vegetables, and other superfoods, Happy Viking’s protein powder proves that you don’t need to steal the flesh of sensitive animals in order to thrive.

Rob Dyrdek (Mindright)

Entrepreneur and legendary TV personality Rob Dyrdek created a vegan superfood company with his business partner Chris “Bernie” Bernard in order to strengthen people’s minds through what they eat. Not only was this brain-boosting food company started by a celebrity, several other celebrities have also invested in it. Including ingredients such as blueberries, dates, and pea protein, the company focuses on using only the good stuff and leaves out the cruel stuff, such as dairy and eggs, both of which are stolen from loving mothers.

Kevin Hart (VitaHustle LLC)

Vegan comedian and actor Kevin Hart joined other celebrities starting cruelty-free companies with his VitaHustle. Hart and his wife, Eniko, created a vegan superfood drink after realizing that other such drinks, laden with added sugar, just weren’t doing it for them. They use fruits, vegetables, and other vegan superfoods to make a product that has all the benefits you’d expect but without the crash. Hart also owns a vegan burger restaurant in Los Angeles called Hart House. 

Chris Paul (Good Eat’n)

NBA star Chris Paul entered the game with his own vegan snack company. Its starting lineup includes Cookies N Creme Popcorn and Classic BBQ Porkless Rinds. These craveable game-day snacks don’t hurt animals and are sure to be a slam dunk at your next watch party.


In addition to starting their own vegan companies, some celebrities have become ambassadors for brands they love:

Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg, and Kevin Hart (Beyond Meat)

One of the most widely known vegan companies, Beyond Meat has some serious star power behind it. The list of famous financial investors is impressive, but influencer Kim Kardashian, rap icon Snoop Dogg, and comedian Kevin Hart take it a step further. All three ambassadors star in advertisements for the vegan meat brand.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian (Daring Foods)

Daring Foods, the company behind a growing number of vegan chicken options, is backed by many celebrities. Various celebrities invest in the company, and both musician Travis Barker and influencer Kourtney Kardashian act as ambassadors for it.


It’s a sign of the times that celebrities are choosing compassion when creating or promoting companies—something PETA has been working for since our inception.

Animals are individuals who deserve respect. They aren’t products or machines to be exploited for profit. The vegan companies listed on this page are proof that using animals is unnecessary and that choosing kindness can save lives.

You can join these celebrities in making a difference by ditching dairy and leaving animals off your plate: Go vegan!

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