A holiday season that doesn’t involve trying all the new vegan goodies at Trader Joe’s stores is hardly a holiday at all. We live to taste all the seasonal treats that are rolled out this time of year. However, the best part isn’t our tantalized taste buds—it’s that no animals had to suffer for our merriment!

The following Trader Joe’s holiday products are all vegan, using no meat, eggs, or dairy “products” to achieve their great taste:

Twinkling Trees Sugar Coated Sugar Cookies

Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt (Apple Cinnamon and Nog)

These two vegan coconut milk–based yogurt varieties are perfect for an early-morning treat during the holidays.

Cocoa Peppermint Flavored Almond Creamer

Snuggle up by the fire with your favorite coffee and this tasty vegan creamer.

Almond Nog

Enjoy this vegan nog as is, or drink it spiked for extra holiday fun.

Coconut Whipped Topping

And don’t forget the whipped cream.

Riced Cauliflower Stuffing

Trader Joe’s took the cauliflower rice concept up a notch by turning it into a low-carbohydrate stuffing. Genius.

Breaded Turkey-less Stuffed Roast With Gravy

This roast is so delish that it impresses vegans and nonvegans alike.

Sweet Potato & Marshmallow Pixie Pie Mix

This pie is to DIE for: sweet potato filling and marshmallow baked on a flaky crust. Simply use an egg replacer, such as applesauce, and get baking. Gotta go—running out to buy a box right now.

Apple Pie

It really warms our hearts to see vegan pies hitting the shelves. (Check out our favorite frozen pies, too.)

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Randomly discovered that this pie from the bakery section is vegan. I haven’t tried it yet but I can report back if anyone is interested. Beware though, the items in the bakery sections vary from one region to another. It’s possible your region doesn’t carry this but it’s also possible that they carry it but it’s not vegan at your store(s). I’ve discovered this to be the case for their naan and a few other random items in the bakery section. I found this one in Portland, OR. Speaking of pies (because I ❤️ pie), I also recently noticed that most of the Marie Callender’s frozen fruit pies are vegan. Actually a lot of fruit pies in the stores are vegan, which is why I checked this one. I like to make pies but it’s nice to have options when you don’t have the time or energy. #vegan #traderjoes #traderjoesvegan #vegancommunity #govegan

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Maple Pecan Shortbread Bar Mix

This mix can be easily veganized by using an egg replacer and vegan butter.

Apple Cider Jam

We’re looking forward to spreading this on our morning toast.

Mini Marshmallows

Take your vegan hot chocolate to the next level, one marshmallow at a time.

Pistachio Cranberry Bites

You’ll want to keep a bag of these in your desk drawer.

Scandinavian Tidings Gummy Candy

How adorable are these new holiday-themed vegan gummies?

Cranberry Spiced Apple Kombucha

We all crave cranberries over the holidays.

After you ogle all of the foods listed above, take a gander at Trader Joe’s vegan pumpkin products, too. (Be careful not to spend your entire paycheck trying all these new treats.)

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