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Thanksgiving leftovers … in a cone. Yes, you heard us correctly. After you’ve gorged yourself on plant-based goodness and shared special moments with your loved ones, you’re probably looking for an easy way to eat leftovers for the next few days. No matter what’s on your menu this year, you can stuff it into an “accidentally vegancrescent roll cone and devour it.

Here’s how it’s done:

First, take a cone-shaped object as your mold. We used another “accidentally vegan” treat: a waffle cone wrapped with foil.


Next, we opened our can of crescent roll dough and cut it into strips.

Crescent Roll Strips


Then we carefully wrapped the dough around each cone, starting at the point.



Wrap as many cones as you’d like—or until you run out of dough—and bake according to package directions (350 degrees for about 20 minutes or until golden brown). Remove the crescent roll from your cone mold—and voilà! You’ve got a cornucopia ready to be stuffed with vegan goodness.


We filled ours with pieces of delicious turkey-less roast, vegan stuffing, warm green beans, and whole berry cranberry sauce and topped it all off with some vegan mashed potatoes and gravy. Of course, this will work with any other plant-based dishes you’ve got.

Thanksgiving Leftovers


Thanksgiving Cone


Thanksgiving Meal in a cone


Thanksgiving Cone

Watch the full video here:

Looks delicious, right? We hope you know that turkeys should never be on your plate, on Thanksgiving or any other day of the year. And it’s easy to swap out nonvegan ingredients for plant-based ones. If you need some inspiration, check out our Thanksgiving swaps cheat sheet.

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