Thanksgiving is the perfect time to indulge in fantastic food! We’ve got your vegan Thanksgiving cheat sheet so you can make vegan versions of your favorite holiday meals.

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Vegan Cooking Tips

See how tasty compassionate choices can be!

Every year in the United States, almost 300 million turkeys are killed for their flesh. Virtually all spend their entire lives on farms and have no federal legal protection.

Turkeys raised for food are typically hatched in large incubators and never see their mothers or feel the warmth of a nest. When they are only a few weeks old, most are moved into filthy, windowless sheds with thousands of other turkeys, where they will spend the rest of their lives.

Millions of turkeys don’t even make it past the first few weeks of life before succumbing to “starve-out,” a stress-induced condition that causes young birds to simply stop eating.

Vegan recipes, on the other hand, leave your tummy happy and leave animals at peace.

Want to Help Animals?

We’ve got all the vegan recipes you’ll need to have the best Thanksgiving ever. Capture all the warmth of the season with delicious choices that are better for animals, the environment, and your health!

And don’t stop there!

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