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Beyond Meat, maker of the famous bleeding Beyond Burger, is hosting a giveaway to celebrate the distribution of the vegan burger into 3,200 stores nationwide. The giveaway is nothing less than a free year’s supply of Beyond Burgers. Our stomachs are growling and saying “Squee!” at the same time.

Entries will be accepted through Sunday, September 10, and you can submit your entry by posting your best Beyond Burger photo or video to your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page. Be sure to include #EndlessBurger and #BeyondBurger in your caption and tag @beyondmeat in your photo. You can find more details about the best contest ever here.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve reported on this magnificent plant-based burger. We’ve discussed how each patty is packed with 20 grams of vegan protein and is free of soy and gluten. (The protein is from peas!)

These juicy burgers will be available soon in the meat case at a supermarket near you. That’s right—Beyond Meat’s burgers will be located where meat-eaters (not just vegans) can easily find them, and the company aims to change the “meat case” to the “protein case.”

Go Beyond Meat

So why should you try the Beyond Burger? You might have heard by now that the beef industry is horrendously cruel to cows as well as harmful to your health and the environment. Here are our top 10 reasons not to eat cows.

Check out the Beyond Burger in action in our “Vegan Cheese–Stuffed Burger” video, also featuring Follow Your Heart’s vegan cheddar block:

If the burger isn’t carried by a store near you, you can try one of our other favorite veggie burgers.

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