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Since going vegan, Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan’s improved performance on the field hasn’t gone unnoticed. Many of his teammates—such as Brian Orakpo, DeMarco Murray, and Rishard Matthews—have since joined him in keeping animals off their plates. It’s been reported that 11 (more than 25 percent) of the Tennessee Titans’ roster alone are now following a vegan meal plan—with the help of plant-based chef Charity Morgan.

She was a personal chef before her husband, Derrick, chose to eat less meat and fewer dairy “products.” She not only joined him on his journey toward becoming a vegan but also reeducated herself and studied holistic, plant-based culinary skills.

“I saw how fluid my body was moving around; my body wasn’t aching anymore,” said Jurrell Casey. “I knew it was the right decision. My body heals 10 times faster.” Casey joined some of his other newly vegan teammates—including DaQuan Jones, Austin Johnson, and Wesley Woodyard—for a hearty vegan holiday meal at Derrick and Charity’s home.

“It’s surprisingly good. Sometimes you look at it, especially the burgers, and say it’s got to be meat or [have] dairy in it. But it’s not.” Brice McCain

Choosing to eat meat- and dairy-free meals has helped these players’ bodies run effectively and efficiently—so much so that more and more professional athletes are realizing the benefits and choosing vegan. A number of NBA players have discussed how leaving animal-derived foods off their plates has helped their performance on the court—and members of the NFL are seeing similar results in their game.


Filling your plate with meat, milk, cheese, yogurt, and eggs could be a recipe for heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and even impotence. Leading health experts agree that going vegan is the single best thing that we can do for ourselves and our families—not to mention animals.

Have these Titans inspired you? Check out our tasty recipes, and pledge to go vegan!

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