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Vitamin B12—we’ve all heard about it as that elusive vitamin that people don’t get enough of. It’s a wonder vitamin that even in very small doses has a huge impact on the body and the brain. It’s essential to preventing anemia and to promoting a healthy nervous system. Vitamin B12 is made by microorganisms that are usually found in gross animal “products,” but the good news is that there are a ton of vegan sources out there.


Here are a just a few:

Vitamin-Fortified Almond, Soy, Hemp, or Coconut Milk

Yep! Something you may already have in your fridge is full of B12 and many other vitamins—another reason why it’s way better than cow’s milk.

Nutritional Yeast

Yet another magical quality of this vegan fairy dust is its prestigious status as a source of vegan B12. Note: Only certain brands of nutritional yeast contain added B12, such as Bragg and Bob’s Red Mill—not all do, so it’s always a good idea to check the label to be sure. :

Fortified Vegan Cereal

Start your day off with a bowl of B12 so you won’t have to worry about it later.



While it’s perhaps one of the most contentious condiments of all time, one thing that’s indisputable is that the savory spread is packed with B12.

Fortified Snack Bars

If your hectic day doesn’t allow for a lot of down time, you can also find B12 in tasty vegan bars that work well as grab-and-go breakfasts or workout snacks.

Plant-Based Vitamin B12 Supplements

For those who want to get their vitamin B12 dose all in one shot, there are plenty of vegan multivitamins, B12 tablets, and even sprays that will give you what you need for the entire day.


It’s been said that when you become a vegan, everyone around you suddenly becomes a nutrition expert, but in response to the inevitable “If you’re vegan, where do you get your ___?” questions, PETA’s got you covered with more quality nutrition lists:

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