Did you know that mother hens teach their chicks vocalizations while they’re still in the egg? They can even communicate with their siblings through the eggs before they’ve hatched. But in the cruel egg industry, those same loving hens are shoved into cramped cages, where they can’t even spread a single wing—all for the sake of stealing their eggs. Once the baby chickens are born, it doesn’t get any better. Male chicks are “useless” to the egg industry, so they’re killed shortly after birth, often through horrific methods such as being shredded alive. Yes, even “organic,” “free-range,” and “cage-free” eggs come from hatcheries that kill male chicks.

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Thanks to vegan options, such as eggs made from ceramic or wood, you can maintain the tradition of coloring Easter eggs without contributing to this cruelty. Ceramic eggs look and feel just like chicken eggs, and buying them doesn’t support cruelty to any sentient beings. Wooden, ceramic, and cardboard eggs can be found at craft stores, online, at Target, and even at your local dollar store.

Here are some of our favorite vegan Easter egg options:

DIY Ceramic Eggs

Grab some vegan acrylic paint, glue, and decorative paper napkins to create these gorgeous DIY ceramic eggs.

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DIY Unfinished Wooden Eggs

Go for a modern look by staining wooden eggs with this tutorial by A Pretty Happy Home.

DIY Eggs With Carton

These plastic eggs come with a cute carton for easy arrangement. Decorate them with markers and stickers.

Eco Eggs Recycled Plastic Eggs

Fill these eco-friendly plastic eggs with vegan candy and small toys, and then use them for an Easter morning egg hunt.

Celebrate a compassionate Easter by choosing not to support the egg industry, and practice peace in your everyday life by making the compassionate decision to go vegan and save nearly 200 animals per year.

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