Here’s Why You Should Never Dye Your Dog’s Fur

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PETA’s got an issue with those rushing to perform dangerous hair dye procedures on dogs. Dogs trust their human guardians to keep them safe, but shows like Pooch Perfect can encourage people to treat their canine companions as if they were no more than objects to decorate, like ceramic pots. Dog hair dye jobs can cause dogs to have a serious allergic reaction or stress them out. Some animals may even sustain burns or be fatally poisoned by the toxins.

Dogs Don’t Need or Want to Be Dyed

It’s so important to remember that dogs are not things but individuals. They deserve to curl up at home with a loving guardian. No animal should have to endure being leashed to a countertop, painted, and prodded for a nonsensical “beauty” treatment, regardless of their breed, personality, or temperament. Claiming that it’s OK to torment “show dogs” is like justifying the exploitation of “circus elephants.” Dogs are dogs, just as elephants are elephants. All animals deserve to live free from the speciesist whims of humans.

Dogs are smart and loyal—they’re not here for cheap human amusement. Shows like Pooch Perfect can encourage people with no animal-grooming experience to reach for the dog hair dye or clippers without a second thought.

Proper, regular grooming is important—but performing unnatural beauty procedures on animal companions is unnecessary, speciesist, and possibly even dangerous.

No animal has a natural desire or need to be dyed, pierced, tattooed, mutilated, or modified in any other way to appeal to humans’ aesthetic preferences. Although routine grooming is necessary and important for many companion animals, unnatural beauty procedures that don’t benefit an animal’s health and well-being should never be performed—there’s simply too much risk and absolutely no need. Forcing an animal to endure this kind of suffering isn’t trendy—it’s abusive.

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