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The doctor is in, and he’s touting the benefits of eating green. Dr. Oz talks vegan on a recent episode, presenting it as the solution for “[m]illions of people [who] are searching for ways to eat cleaner, greener, and lose weight.” The segment featured Terry Hope Romero of, who explained that she grew up eating meat but felt more energetic after switching to a vegan lifestyle. Dr. Oz revealed that millions of people are vegan, partially because “[i]t’s gotten easier. … It used to be a fringe population—not anymore.” We couldn’t agree more—vegan food options can now be found at most grocery stores and restaurants, as more people choose to eat compassionately for animals, the environment, and their health.

“I think it will become the single biggest movement in 2017,” Oz predicted. He and Romero then debunked common myths about plant-based eating. Think you can’t eat anything if you go vegan? They provided a basic grocery list that includes many delicious vegetables and plant proteins, such as quinoa, sweet potatoes, and beans. Feel like going vegan is a “missed steak”? They pointed to a diverse range of vegan dishes, such as pancakes, Caesar salad, tempeh tacos, and cookies.

Vegan Taste Test

Oz enlisted an audience member and one of the show’s taste-testers to try “brand new foods that will convince even the most devout meateaters to switch to the green side.” Reviews of vegan cheese, bacon, and doughnuts are all very positive, and it’s agreed that switching to these cruelty-free foods doesn’t mean having to compromise taste.

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