‘Reclaimed Fur’ Was Never Ours to Claim in the First Place

There’s a difference between upcycling older clothing garments and profiting from stolen goods that resulted in the victim’s traumatic death. We’re talking about the ridiculous “reclaimed fur” policy being touted by Canada Goose. The company claims that starting in 2022, it will no longer buy “new” coyote fur. However, don’t be fooled by marketing ploys. Whether fur is labeled “new,” “virgin,” or “reclaimed” and whether it’s used for a little trim or a full-length coat, it was stolen, because it’s always taken from animals who didn’t give up their skin willingly.

What Is ‘Reclaimed Fur’?

“Reclaimed” in the fashion industry typically refers to materials produced from waste, cuttings, and used garments. So what about “reclaimed fur”? Canada Goose announced that it will use fur that already exists in its supply chain and the marketplace, which means that it could be using fur from jackets that simply went unsold or may even be using new fur that came from scraps of brand-new garments produced by other companies—both of which still support the intensely cruel fur industry.

Remember: No matter when it was stolen, all fur was taken from an animal who deserved to keep their skin and didn’t want to die.

Animals Are Violently Killed for All Fur—New or Reclaimed

Fur farmers raise animals inside cramped, filthy cages before violently beating, gassing, or electrocuting them to death—or even skinning them while they’re still alive. Trappers ensnare animals in their natural habitats and shoot, bludgeon, or kill them in some other violent way before skinning them. The latter is the case with coyotes used for the fur trim on Canada Goose jackets, whether it’s newly obtained fur or fur already in the supply chain or marketplace. Whether it comes from an animal raised on a fur farm or trapped in nature, every fur coat, accessory, or trim is the product of tremendous suffering. Each year, approximately 100 million animals are killed for their fur.

Canada Goose and Other Brands That Sell Cruelly Obtained Fur

It’s not OK for companies to profit from animals’ suffering, and Canada Goose’s “reclaimed fur” policy completely ignores that fur is always a product of extreme violence. It’s a marketing ploy to trick well-intentioned consumers into supporting an egregious industry, and it also may allow the company to continue selling fur in places that have banned it. Canada Goose’s misleading policies fuel a cruel industry and perpetuate animal abuse.

Skinned coyote hanging upside down, with a Canada goose jacket image inlayed onto the picture in the upper left corner

When it comes to ethics, brands can’t pretend that “humane treatment” can be part of a conversation about killing and skinning living, feeling beings for profit. Exploitation is exploitation, and it’s never ethical to profit at the expense of others—no matter how long ago they were harmed. Don’t let Canada Goose trick you into thinking that it cares about animals. In the end, very little is changing for a company built on the suffering and deaths of countless coyotes, ducks, and geese.

canda goose geese trapped

What’s Wrong With Wearing Fur?

Using “reclaimed fur” sends the same unacceptable message as wearing newly sourced fur—that it’s OK to allow animals to languish in steel traps or be skinned alive for the sake of vanity. People can’t tell the fur’s backstory by looking at it, so wearing any fur is essentially a pro-fur billboard. If you really don’t want to give up the look of fur, you can choose from one of the many sustainable and ethical companies that sell faux fur. And don’t be shy about telling others that it’s not real fur!

PETA x NOIZE Vegan Fashion at the Grammys

What if You Already Bought the Fur?

We all want to end the use of fur and save animals, but we can’t give back the pelts that belonged to the animals who’ve already been killed and skinned.

If you’ve already bought a Canada Goose coat, you can simply remove the fur trim from it. You can also donate fur items to animals or humans in need. PETA receives furs from people all over the world who’ve come to their senses. We send unwanted furs to wildlife rehabilitation programs to be used as bedding and donate many of them to homeless people or to refugees who can’t afford to buy their own coats—the only people who have any excuse to wear fur.

Do you have fur in your closet? Check out PETA’s donation program to learn how you can put it to good use and even receive a generous $100 voucher from Wuxly Movement toward a new vegan coat! Older fur garments should only be worn or used by humans or animals in need—no one else should feel good about owning fur.

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