PETA Ad Blasts Prosecutor for Refusing to Seek Justice for Blood Bank’s Victims

PETA sent another bold message to Jackson County Prosecutor Jeffrey Chalfant urging him to take action for cats deprived of veterinary care at a blood bank hellhole. Find out how YOU can help.

World’s First Caviar Farm Exposé Reveals Workers Stabbing Fish, Beating Them to Death With Metal Clubs

The TRUE cost of caviar? Extreme suffering. Find out what the world’s first caviar farm investigation revealed, and help PETA spare fish this horrific cruelty.

Listen Up, Hollywood! Steve Buscemi’s ‘The Listener’ Sets an Example for Compassionate Filmmaking

Listen up, Hollywood! Steve Buscemi’s indie drama starring Tessa Thompson is setting an example for compassionate filmmaking.

Vet Tech Shaken by PETA’s Investigation

As a licensed veterinary technician, I took an oath to help animals. What I didn’t know about animal blood “donors” compromised that oath.

Animal Companions
From Life in Prison to Life of the Party: Meet Jane

A PETA investigator rescued Jane from an animal blood bank just in the nick of time—now this terrific tabby is banking on finding the perfect permanent home.

VIDEO: How PETA Found a Home for a Hound Exploited by a Blood Bank

The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank is under fire following a damning PETA undercover investigation. Discover Kolbie the dog’s rescue story.

Breaking Victory! African Union Bans Violent Donkey-Skin Trade

Victory! The African Union has just passed a monumental decision that will spare countless donkeys from being violently killed for their skins.

Feds Call Off Raid of Underground Track, Destroy PETA’s Evidence of Horse Doping

The Washington Post reports that following PETA’s investigation, federal agencies planned a massive raid of an underground racetrack in Georgia, only to nix it at the last minute.

Cruelly Obtained Coconut Milk at Canadian Whole Foods Stores? PETA Speaks Up

There’s nothing wholesome about Whole Foods’ support of forced monkey labor. Find out how PETA called out a Vancouver store.

Cruelty Isn’t Cozy: The Horror Story of H&M’s Cashmere Sweaters

H&M continues to sell cashmere sweaters despite the horror story behind their production. PETA’s new ad exposes the sinister cruelty.

VICTORY! The North Face and Related Brands Confirm: No More New Cashmere

After hearing from PETA, The North Face, Supreme, and other brands confirmed no more cashmere. Read why kindness to goats is always in fashion.

Taking Down Animal Abusers From the Inside: Hear How PETA Goes Undercover

It can be heartbreaking and dangerous, but it saves thousands of lives. Hear PETA Vice President Daniel Paden explain the work of our undercover investigation team.

Flesh-Trafficking Giants Tyson and Perdue to Close Plants in an Attempt to Cut Costs

Companies like Tyson and Perdue are shutting down slaughterhouses in an effort to cut costs as the demand for meat drops.

What Everyone’s Missing About Angela—the Standing Sun Bear at a Zoo in China

Heard about the viral video of a sun bear standing and “waving” in a Chinese zoo? Instead of focusing on whether she’s “fake,” PETA points to the real problem.

Why San Antonio Aquarium Keeps Racking Up USDA Citations

Questioning whether to visit San Antonio Aquarium? Don’t. PETA pulls back the curtain on the seedy exhibit’s many citations.

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