‘Humane’? ‘Stress-Free’? New PETA Billboard Shoots Holes in Turkey Company’s Flimsy Attempts at Humane Washing

Does a farmworker’s simulation of masturbation with a dying female bird sound “humane” to you? PETA’s new billboard invites folks to see the undercover footage and decide for themselves.

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40 Times PETA Blew the Lid off the Things Animal Abusers Don’t Want You to See

A lot has changed since the Silver Spring monkeys case (PETA’s first undercover investigation), but one thing has remained constant: Our exposés help us win victories for animals.

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You Won’t Believe These Horrifying Quotes From a PETA Investigator

Here’s the true story of a PETA investigator who bravely went undercover at an alligator farm to expose the animals’ suffering. You won’t believe this horrifying report.

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VIDEO: Iditarod Musher Gets Shifty When Police Ask About Dogs’ Well-Being

Iditarod musher John Baker told police that Snickers was in good health—so why did he tell a PETA investigator that he planned to shoot the elderly dog to end “her misery”?

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Walmart Must Cut Ties With Egg Supplier Caught Crudely Killing Hens

Tell Walmart there’s no excuse for workers to crudely break hens’ necks and leave them suffering. It must reconsider ties with this egg supplier NOW.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

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You Can’t Unhear These Screams: PETA Is First Ever to Expose the Alpaca Wool Industry

PETA investigators in Peru—the world’s top alpaca producer—found that workers kicked terrified alpacas and stood on their necks. Help these gentle animals today!

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These Rescued Rat Sisters—Bred for Experiments—Now Enjoy the Good Life

See sweet photos of three rats who were rescued from a laboratory and are now loving life in a safe home. Then, take action to help PETA end cruel experiments on animals.

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PETA Releases EXCLUSIVE Footage of Wet Markets in 6 Countries, Including China

New footage of wet markets shows terrified bats in cages, gloveless humans handling carcasses on blood-streaked countertops, flies landing on raw flesh that’s for sale, and more.

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Leather Is a Rip-Off: Help PETA Tell Levi’s to Ditch Animal Skins

That patch on Levi’s jeans is no friend to animals or the environment. Find out what you can do to urge brands like Levi’s to use only vegan leather.

Take Action © LEFT: KARREMANN / PETA | RIGHT: Levi Strauss label | Hannah Cossey | CC BY 2.0

Is this the NIH Pandemic Crisis Plan? Step 1: Scare Monkeys With Spiders

While Americans wait for cures for deadly diseases, the National Institutes of Health is sucking out parts of monkeys’ brains and then scaring them with fake snakes and spiders.

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Victory! Kenya Bans Donkey Slaughter for Ejiao After Big Push From PETA

More than 200,000 kind people just like you took action for donkeys in Kenya. Now, donkey slaughterhouses will be banned nationwide next month.

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PETA’s 5th Australian Wool Exposé Leads to Guilty Plea to Cruelty Charge

What more do you need to see before you stop wearing wool? How many more sheep must be beaten, cut open, kicked, thrown, and skinned alive? Take action now.

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Slaughterhouse and Employees Fined for Illegal Killing Methods in South Korea

Unprecedented: After a PETA investigation into the slaughter of horses discarded by the racing industry, South Korean officials charge and fine slaughterhouse workers for violations of the Animal Protection Act.

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Which Companies Are Still Selling Fur From Bludgeoned Sables and Beheaded Rabbits?

Fur sales are at an all-time low—but a new PETA Asia undercover investigation shows animals are still suffering in this dying industry.

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Exposed: Birds Punched, Beaten at Australia’s Largest Chicken Producer

PETA video exposé shows how chickens in Australia suffer before they’re killed at a facility reportedly supplying McDonald’s and other fast-food brands. Take action now!

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