Taking Down Animal Abusers From the Inside: Hear How PETA Goes Undercover

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When a podcast opens with a compelling statement like “Every year, tens of thousands of dogs—mostly beagles—are used as tools in deadly research experiments,” it demands attention. Host of the podcast Dog Research Exposed—and author of Laboratory Dogs Rescued—Ellie Hansen interviewed PETA Vice President of Evidence Analysis Daniel Paden to get a closer glimpse of our undercover investigation team and the countless animals they save.

How the Podcast Highlights PETA’s Investigation Team

Hansen quickly delves into Paden’s two decades of work for PETA and his management of many high-profile investigations. Paden discusses one of PETA’s biggest and most recent victories, which followed an investigation into Envigo’s massive beagle-breeding facility in Virginia.

two beagles in a cage

Even though the U.S. Department of Agriculture encouraged its inspectors to tone down their documentation of the facility’s slew of federal Animal Welfare Act violations, Envigo closed its beagle factory following PETA’s persistent demands for accountability and a heated couple of months in court. This PETA victory helped achieve the release of nearly 4,000 beagles from this hellhole.

mabel the beagle enjoys christmas treats on a comfy blanket

Paden also mentions past investigations into farms, circuses, and laboratories and how PETA’s unceasing advocacy has made a lasting difference for animals over the course of his time at the organization. He unveils multiple elements of investigators’ jobs and their accompanying challenges.

Hansen asks Paden how he got into his career and how he handles the work’s emotional weight. His reply gives great credit to the undercover investigators themselves, embedded amidst the most egregious abuse of animals: Their fortitude and commitment are largely what keep him going—along with his dedication to expanding the already vast scope of PETA victories he has witnessed and his own faith in our mission.

Buddy and Cooper Rescued from PLRS
Beagles are one of the breeds frequently used in experiments. Buddy and Copper were rescued after a PETA undercover investigation of Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc., which got the lab shut down.

Hansen movingly reveals that she adopted one of the Envigo beagles, leading to a concluding discussion of how anyone can help animals, including by taking action through PETA’s social media pages and website. Paden wraps up by inviting everyone interested in getting involved with PETA’s investigation team to look into it and apply because millions of living, feeling animals are suffering and need help.

Take Action to Support Our Undercover Investigation Team

Applying to become an undercover investigator for PETA is one way to get directly involved with our work, and another is to join the many generous people who fund our investigations and rescues. Find out how you can best support our team and make a massive difference for animals:

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